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7 Essential Ways To Strengthen Your Reiki Healing

By Souls of Silver

Reiki, just like Ayurveda, is an ancient healing method, passed down to the Western world from the Orient. In this case, China. The driving principle behind this is that a particular form of energy, called Reiki, flows through the practitioner’s hands as soon as a potential recipient appears. In this way, the essence of the energy is its empathetic nature, along with a generally healing ethos. Reiki not only seeks to alleviate physical pain or discomfort but aims to find out and ease mental and spiritual pain and stagnation too.

Practitioners opine that the energy is not inert at all, and very much like the yogic serpent Kundalini, aims at the recipient’s very will to heal himself or herself. It is intelligent and interactive and many practitioners say that it is activated by the recipient’s will itself.

The belief extends beyond empathy; empaths are naturally gifted with some form of higher spirituality which makes them akin to use that energy to heal others. On the other hand, Reiki practitioners can tap into the pool of universal energy, thanks to an initiation ceremony done by a Reiki master, and use the energy to heal their patients who we and they refer to as recipients of the energy.

Here are seven thoughts on Reiki and how we should all try to bring it into our lives in some form or the other:-

Living In The Present And The Present Moment

Let me put this into perspective: we all, as working, functioning adults have jobs and social lives of our own. This continual exposure to company has made us immune to ourselves and the solitude we felt when we used to talk to ourselves and introspect. The thing is, listening to our own soul, which keeps shouting for love, has become white noise for us as we live multiple lives every day.

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The solution is to be oneself, to live in the moment and listen to our own gut, our own soul, just like the Buddhist parable that goes like this:

When asked if the flag was waving or the wind was blowing, the Buddha said, ‘the flag is still and so is the wind. The only turmoil is the turmoil in your heart.’

Being Aware Of Our Thoughts

People, especially sensitive and creative ones, can have plenty of thoughts of their own. All these are manifestations of our soul’s thoughts about itself. Most of the time, we mute our thoughts in order to get some peace and sleep. While sleep is extremely necessary, one must always make sure to never mute our thoughts. If possible and however little possible, write them down.

Smiling At The Thoughts You Write Down

Filter out the dark thoughts and focus on the artistic and loving ones. Be mindful of them and try your best to find some form of self-expression in life; some form of art that suits you.



Listen To People

Non-judgmentally and unbiased. This is very important because Reiki’s essence is universality and unity with the great ocean of humanity. So, before being ‘staunch’ about anything, listen to experts and laymen on the subject and then meditate before you form an opinion.

Crave Happiness

It is a rare commodity nowadays, given how fatalistic we have become as a species. After all, despite putting in double the hours at work, do you realize that you are the last generation that will survive a full life in a world of melting glaciers and deforestation and corporate greed?

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So, cherish every little moment of happiness from wherever it comes.

Respect The Unknown

And be curious about it. Learn about old civilizations and ancient people still living among us. Educate yourself about how traditions of healing have been handed down by them to us for our benefit.

Let Go

To find peace, one must sink and make oneself vulnerable to the abyss of meditative ether. So close your eyes, concentrate, and let go of not only your troubles but that of life itself, and try feeling the universe’s energies being tapped by your soul.

‘Tat Tvam Asi’

(You are it, the universal, the Supreme)

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