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Reiki Healing- How Should One Apply That To Their Lifestyle?

By Souls Of Silver

Reiki healing has been around for quite some time now- as it was brought to the Americas in 1940 by a Buddhist monk. This form of meditative healing is useful for improved mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The healing takes shape in the form of attunements, hands-on-healing, coupled with mindfulness.

Here are a few ways one can incorporate Reiki healing into their lives.

1: A Sustainable Posture For The Body as A Form Of Reiki Healing

The way to go about it involves the relaxation of the mind and a correct posture of the body. One could simply sit cross-legged while ensuring their hips are strictly above their knees for optimum support. In the event that you are opting for going through the entire healing process while lying down, protect your neck and knees. For optimum impact, you could sit on a chair, while your feet are flat on the ground. One needs to keep experimenting with the posture that provides you with optimum comfort.

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2: Honoring Your Intentions

Reiki healing would be the best time for you to honor the choices that you make. As you probably understand by now, you have already made your bed- you might as well adapt to it. You have spent time, energy, and your creative drive into the process- so you should commit to it. Reiki healing would allow you to loosen up your doubts so that you are free to navigate the treacherous waters. Help yourself- so that you can help others. 

Reiki healing

3: Meditation As A Form Of Reiki Healing

The next process that you should adapt to your routine is meditation. Here, it might be a bit tricky for beginners to immediately clear their minds. What you can do, as a part of Reiki healing, is simply focus on your breathing. Feel the areas in your body that are aching and tense, and try to loosen them up. You could try dropping your shoulders, which will enable you to open up the center of your heart. You could also relax the muscles on your face, and unclench your jaw. 

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4: Reiki Precepts

You could also try reciting the precepts which would help in your mental cleansing. For many experts in Reiki, their spiritual evolution and their relationships are governed by precepts. Some of them are:

1: Kyo dake wa: Today only

2: Shinpai suna: Do not give in to worry

3: Ikaru na: Do not give in to your anger

4: Gyo o hageme: Be diligent in your practice

5: Receive Help From Your Guides As a Means Of Reiki Healing

Your spirits are always ready to provide you with help- and all you need to do is call for them. Join your hands in a prayer position and invoke them. You could mention how much you value their presence in your life, and how their blessings have helped you out. End the invocation by showing gratitude. 

Reiki healing has been around for quite some time now and usually displays results. The main point is that you need to loosen your tense muscles so that you can activate your center.



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