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Heart Chakra: Unravel The Power To Enrich Your Life

By Souls Of Silver

Eastern traditions believe in the 7 primary centers of power and energy in our body, namely the chakras. In his article, we are going to focus on the fourth chakra or the Heart Chakra to enrich our lives with compassion, empathy, and love.

To unravel the Heart Chakra, we have to get to the depth of what it means. The symbolism of this chakra lies in the transformative qualities it bestows on humans. This chakra, originally called “Anahata” in ancient, traditional Sanskrit, means “unstruck.” Other names by which this Chakra is referred to are, “Hritpankaja,” “Dbadasjadala,” or simply “Chakra 4.”

The Heart Chakra is believed to be situated at the center of our chest. Some consider this to be odd as the Chakra is named after the heart organ. But traditional belief systems consider that all our sources of energy lie at the center of our human form that is the middle point of our chest. The color associated with this powerful chakra is green.

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Now that we have the basic information, let us uncover some of the mysteries of the Heart Chakra, which people consider as one of the most powerful chakras in the system.

Heart Chakra Is All About Balance

Heart Chakra
Heart Chakra

This chakra is all about balance. Most often in life, we’ll see that we are unable to strike a chord of balance. For we are either too passionate in our involvement in anything or we are completely detached. Striking a balance in all our daily chores is a powerful and necessary skill. We spend lives trying to balance everything out and it is only near the end of our lives that we look at the chaos and regret.

The Heart Chakra is there to help you with exactly that. Acting as an intermediary, it strives to strike a chord of balance between our energetic cells and the energy-sabotaging cells. What we gain from this is our optimum potential. It revives our vital energy and holistically makes us become better human beings.

Now, a question might arise, how do the heart chakra make us better human beings? The answer is simple and affirmative. The Heart Chakra improves our core virtues and thus makes us better versions of ourselves.

In modern-day psychological terms, we can say that this chakra helps us find love for others and for ourselves. Through its ability to re-energize our souls, it increases our reservoir of love and compassion. Once you learn to open your Heart Chakra, you simultaneously open the flood-gates of empathy, acceptance, forgiveness, the ability to find mental peace, grieve, and so on.

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This chakra helps you center your thoughts, be more self-reflexive and collect all your knowledge to the center of your form, that is your chest. When you combine these attributes, what you learn is to collect your scattered thoughts and integrate them into your response or insights.

Learn To Rise Above Your Ego

heart chakra

Another essential quality that we can unfold using this chakra is the ability to transcend our ego. Most of us are aware of the stuck-up nature of our egos. Studies suggest that about 70 percent of all our problems are merely an exaggerated version of our ego. Transcending such a common yet sticky problem can take up a lot of spiritual and emotional power from your soul.

This is where activating this Chakra can help. The sheer balance that this chakra brings to our lives can help us transcend the narrow, personal, and often-times selfish identity and become a bigger person. With the help of this chakra, you can experience meaningful relationships, develop more appreciation for everything impacting your life and also reduce the interference of your ego.

These are some of the benefits of the heart chakra. Let us know if you found these useful.



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