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7 Signs Suggest You Are Becoming Bodhisattva 

The contemporary world needs more Bodhisattva instead of Buddhas. The reason is quite simple. A follower of Buddhism disassociates from worldly life and tries to attain enlightenment. However, the world needs people to bring change from within not from outside. 

It is the path of heartfelt compassion and devotion. Bodhisattvas courageously embrace the existential voids and struggles in life. Bodhisattva souls embody unity and love. 

Bodhisattva is fleshly, tantric, and perfectly straddles divinity and wildness through intimate knowledge and experience of filth, blood, and pain in life. On the contrary, Buddhas have detached, purified, and non-binary consciousness. 

The survival of the human race, the flourishing nature, and the development of society rely on more people embracing the path of Bodhisattva. Firstly, let’s understand this Bodhisattva path. 

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Definition Of Bodhisattva 

Buddhism perceives Bodhisattva as people with delayed enlightenment that helps the living beings in attaining liberation or Nirvana. ‘Bodhi’ is a Sanskrit word that means an awakening while ‘sattva’ means essence. Therefore, ‘Bodhisattva’ loosely means an enlightened being. bodhisattva

The beauty of this term comes from the universal and inclusive nature of such people. Every person has their unique expression of emotion and this is divine. Subsequently, every human has the innate ability to become a Bodhisattva. 

You need not choose Buddhism to become a Bodhisattva. You can keep following your religious faith while subscribing to this fundamental essence. 

Is Spiritual Elevation Needed To Become A Bodhisattva? 

Any common man can opt for this path along with leading their normal day-to-day life. Boddhisattva does not prioritize spiritual elitism or special ranking. 

Thich Nhat Hanh, a spiritual guide and Buddhist monk, has stated that Bodhisattvas have deep-seated compassion. They can naturally forge connections with others and allay the suffering of people. Obviously, everyone human is capable of such compassion and kindness towards fellow beings. 

7 Signs You Are Becoming A Bodhisattva 

Bodhisattva-hood attracts only special souls because they want to bring meaningful and enduring changes to the lives of their loved ones. 

These signs indicate so: 

a: You intimately feel the pain present in other humans as well as non-humans 

b: You feel the strong pull to guide, help and uplift others 

c: You are an empathy 

d: You follow your heart more than your mind 

e: You take positive lessons from the past wounds 

f: You feel a deep sense of fulfillment by serving others

g: You have attained some level of spiritual awakening 

Bodhisattvas have a top-down view of life rather than a worm’s view. They can easily anticipate the longstanding consequences of the present actions. The individuals prefer a community-style of living rather than having a nuclear approach to life. 

They are perpetually preoccupied with the impact and influence of their action on others around them. Hence, as soon as you realize the fact that you a part of this entire Universe, not the center of it, you are well advanced on Bodhisattvahood. 

Planetary Crisis & Bodhisattva Soul Purpose 

The ongoing pandemic, deforestation, climate change, overpopulation, societal and moral degradation, and extensive ecocide suggest that our planet might soon witness the 6th mass extinction. 

Nonetheless, the extinction is not bad news. The indifference towards the progressively deteriorating condition of the earth is perhaps the worst news. The sad news is when we eventually wake up and decide to take the necessary steps, it will be too late. 

This is where Bodhisattvas enter as their Soul Purpose is to help to save the planet. If more people embrace Bodhisattvahood, saving the planet will become much easier. Small changes by more people across the world will bring about formidable and authentic transformation. 

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3 Routes To Express Bodhisattva’s Soul Purpose bodhisattva

Bodhisattva has no rules and can easily merge with your daily life. Bodhisattvahood can be embodied while practicing environmentalism, social work, and humanitarian services. 

We have a few ideas to stimulate your Soul’s Purpose: 

  1. Practice self-compassion 

Charity starts at home. It suggests every person walking the Bodhisattva path must dedicate quality time for their mental and emotional growth and prioritize self-needs. This will increase the positivity and strength within to inspire others. 

2. Kindness is the best policy 

We are acutely aware of the darkness gradually engulfing our planet in both moral and corporeal forms. Our only hope, in these desperate times, is ‘kindness’. The capitalist world has instilled a competitive attitude in all of us that is extremely damaging to the natural world. 

However, little acts of kindness can create big ripples in the world. So plunge into eco-friendly acts, spend some time in the wild, smile at strangers, offer extra affection to young children, hug your friends, help your family, love and support your partner. Spiritual alchemy can motivate others into showing kindness as well. 

At the same time, don’t make yourself a doormat for others. You need to balance the real world and Bodhisattvahood to get the best results. 

3. Accurate ways to express 

Every human being has our own flaws that make us unique. Bodhisattvahood does not endorse rigid ethics or piousness. The Soul’s Purpose of every Bodhisattva is to accept the ‘grey side’ of people and address it. Bodhisattvahood can curb the negative energy and prevent the harmful forces, working in a person’s life, from sabotaging their best efforts. 

It can identify and eliminate the imposter syndrome and bring clarity that will encourage the right ways to embody the Soul’s Purpose. 


Firstly we must get deeper within ourselves to understand the layers of inner peace and love present in the universe. Once we become intrinsically linked with our Soul’s Purpose, we can do great things for the world. 

The Bodhisattva path is a spiritual journey within that will develop the core strength and eventually erupt and emanate positive energy to our world. This will save humanity from self-destruction and restore the former glory and greatness.



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