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Internal conflict: Understand Them To Find Mental Peace

The mind and the heart can often feel like separate existences. Your brain can want something while your heart will scream for the opposite. You might believe in something but you cannot bring yourself to support the actions of that belief. You feel like an issue is both correct and incorrect. These are some examples of internal conflict.

Making sense out of it can appear to be a daunting task that leads to desperation. It is recommended to stop immediately when you feel like your mental state is worsening rapidly. Stop to take a breath and only focus on your breathing. Learn how to deal with his struggle and attain mental peace by reading on.

The Exact Nature Of Internal Conflict

Psychology says refers to it by the term “cognitive dissonance”. It is usually when a person feels opposing impulses or desires at the same time. This inner struggle has no specific duration or period of occurrence. Any issue in life can give rise to this phenomenon.

A notable example of someone struggling with inner conflict would be against abortion but supports women’s rights. Love and religion are common topics where this phenomenon can be experienced. Another such example would be when there is love but there is no emotional connection in a couple.

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The Reason Behind Internal Conflict

Internal Conflict

The main reason for internal conflict is believed to be an argument between the heart and the head. Research has shown that hearts do have an intelligence of their own.

The heart does not have any rules and what it says is quite erratic. The head’s intelligence, on the other hand, provides stability and structure in our lives. The heart supplies the soul and makes living an authentic experience. However, without our heads, we would truly be headless chickens. As such, the balance between the two is of utmost importance.

The internal conflict occurs, then, because this balance is lost. When we are forced to choose between the two, the decision brings discomfort and shame.


What Produces Internal Conflict?

Several issues can give rise to internal conflict. Our familial beliefs, what we are taught by religion, and what society expects of us can all be sources of internal conflict. Here are 8 types of them:

1: Conflict On Morality

This occurs when personal ethics are in contradiction with external beliefs. A very notable example would be when an honest person is forced to tell a lie to save someone else.

2: Conflict On Sexuality

These usually come hand in hand with moral conflicts and religious conflicts. For example, a faithful Christian can suffer a lot over their identity as a homosexual.

3. Conflict on Religion

This is one of the most common types of internal conflicts. Religious beliefs are usually based on the mind. As such, it can make accepting the fact that God created hell difficult when it is believed God also is ever-loving and ever-forgiving.

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4: Conflict on Politics

This internal conflict happens when the political ideologies run contrary to personal beliefs. Refusing to pay taxes while supporting the nation is an example.

5: Conflict on Love

There are many accounts of a lover wanting to hurt their partner despite loving them deeply. Letting your partner go, although you love them, is another example.

6: Conflict On Self-Image

This conflict arises when you get tangible proof that you are not what you thought of yourself. For example, someone who always eats healthy but does not want to stop smoking.

7: Conflict On Inter-personality

You might find yourself behaving opposite to how your usual behavior is in certain situations. This would lead to inter-personal internal conflict.

8: Conflict On Existence

If you find yourself confused over the meaning of existence then you might be suffering from existential internal conflict.

Reaching Inner Peace With Internal Conflict

Since internal conflicts arise from your beliefs, the path to inner peace lies in understanding them. A proper understanding of their causes will give immediate freedom. Once you have understood their nature, think of the effects in the long term. To that, weigh in your present priority in life. Then inquire on the more loving choice. Should the need be, you can also choose to stop taking part in the belief. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you have a healthy and relaxed mind.



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