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You’re Highly Sensitive As An Empath: 15 Steps To Keep You Grounded

By Souls Of Silver

Oftentimes do you get the feeling that you do not know if your emotions belong to another? Do you feel drained of your inner energy after sharing the better part of it with a relationship? And in the middle of it all, you forget about yourself. You are an asset as an empath but it comes at a great emotional cost.

It is high time you take urgent steps to regain the balance, pull yourself together. And regain and restore your emotional well-being.

1. The Power Of Water

This is among the most powerful healers, especially for the empath. Three-quarters of our body is water and a sufficiently hydrated body functions at its peak energy both physically and mentally. Water rids your body of all traces of negativity and helps you stay in a state of mental equilibrium.

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2. Be Careful Of What You Eat

An empath needs to go more for foods that are natural and replenish your body thoroughly. Unnatural foods act like a drug and the body of the empath reacts to it and rejects it.

3. Imbibe The Power Of Sea Salt

The healing power of seawater has been documented from ancient times. Sea salts heal and purify. It gets rid of the body’s negative energy. It helps you feel de-stressed after a day spent interacting with others

4. Balance Your Empath Energy

Learn to balance between your feminine and masculine energy. This will keep you composed and steady. As an empath, you will never waver in the face of doubts and reservations.

5. Smudging


By being an empath, learn to indulge in the practice of burning herbs and smoking out the negative energy from yourself and your surroundings.

6. Exercise Away Your Pent Up Negativity

We are aware of the benefits of exercise for our physical well-being. But you need to exercise for your emotional wellbeing as well. It gets rid of all the negativity and uplifts you. You emerge much happier and are always surrounded by positivity.

7. Meditate And Stay Grounded

We are assailed by continuous distraction and negative thoughts that buzz around our heads. This chaos pulls us out of our moorings. Learn to meditate. That will stabilize your mind and bring clarity of thought and vision. Learn to identify the form of meditation that suits you.

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8. Be Creative As An Empath

In the humdrum of the modern world, the creative side of the empath gets trampled. You feel the urge to be creative but your surrounding circumstances do not allow that to happen. Learning to be creative is the quickest way to anchor the self to the ground.

9. Balance Your Chakras As An Empath

Your energetic body comprises 7 major chakras and these travel down the center of your body. Your spiritual energy is contained in each of the centers that rotate and are aligned with your endocrine system, the organs that regulate and let out hormones. Any imbalance can play havoc with your system.

10. Yoga Helps The Empath Immensely

Yoga benefits all; and the empath doubly so, as it also calms the inner self and protects you. It ensures that you remain serene.

11. Learn To Remain At One With Nature

Staying indoors robs us a lot of the ability to heal. Being cocooned by nature gives you the security of the oneness with mother earth whose gentle caress will help you to remain calm and composed.

12. Laugh Away Your Blues As An Empath

Over time we lose the ability to laugh spontaneously which ages us more. This ability to laugh at anything life throws at us helps an empath stay relaxed and protects him in all situations.

13. Crystals Heal An Empath


The knowledge of the power of crystals is ancient. As such, they are known for their power to heal spiritual, physical, and energetic ailments. Along with the chakras, crystals balance your body and remove any blockage. As an empath, you should get drawn to the power of crystals for their protective powers.

14. Healing With The Aroma Of Essential Oils

This too is an ancient remedy. It is through the olfactory organs that we receive its benefits. Furthermore, the range of such oils helps us to rebalance, protect and ground ourselves.

15. The Power Of Direct Communion With Earth

Being in direct contact with Mother Nature should immediately help you if you find that some of the above techniques are not helping you sufficiently. Walk barefoot in the lap of nature and feel its healing power as you connect with it.

So, these are 15 methods you can try to protect yourself if you are an empath. However, if you have an aura that leaks, the techniques noted above can lose their benefits. One must learn how to navigate one’s own life to have any sort of movement in one’s life. Best of luck on your journey as an empath



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