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Why Do Twin Flame Finally End Up Together?

By Souls of Silver

The final union with your twin flame is the culmination of a long journey filled with innumerable moments of intense enlightenment. It is a love that brings to light all your hidden darkness, your excuses, and fears that hold you back. It prevents you from becoming who you truly are.

True enlightenment has little to achieve with being better or becoming happier. It is instead a destructive process. True enlightenment is about shedding the layers of untruth that bind you. It helps you see through the veneer of artifice. The inevitable end of it is the total annihilation of all that we had held to be true.

twin flame

Thus, twin flames are destined to meet much later on in life. Finally, each one’s soul is adequately mature to start on the final journey towards the light.

Relationships Between Twin Love Only Take Place Between Mature Souls

Before the final reunion, twins need to act upon their soul contracts and lessons. Such contracts only happen when each soulmate has been in other karmic relationships. This helps them in learning soul lessons and fulfilling soul contracts.

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Twin flame relations develop only among souls who constantly have pressed forward and gained total control over their soul teachings. They can be part of and adhere to the regularity that marks unconditional love.

Their meeting late in life is the culmination of decades of experience in life. This helps them delve into the hidden gifts in their soul and spread them around their world.

The Equilibrium Of Feminine And Masculine Energies

Twin flame relationships do not leave any room for interdependence and over-reliance. It is all about the highest manifestation of love that is both absolute and unconditional. Our emotional and spiritual growth has been marked by the equilibrium in our innermost feminine and masculine vigor.

twin flame

So twin flame union can only be the culmination of a long journey of hard work, tolerance, and patience that has helped us balance and fortify our yin and yang.

The main purpose of the twin flame relationship is to heal themselves and ultimately return to an elevated state of love, poise, and harmony. Their sole purpose in life is to ultimately restore balance, disturbed and dysfunctional though the journey might have been.

The Twin Flame Is Concerning Unconditional Love 

The twin flame relationship does not go on the hackneyed path to fulfillment. There might have been a meeting early in life. But that has resulted in a separation that has finally led to a reunion that is true and of the highest order.

The other possibility is that they have lived in proximity all their lives and had not realized it until they had gone through fire to finally experience the truth about their relationship. Their soul teachings have finally brought them together.

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It is not for us to reflect on the opposite part of the twin flame. It is destined to happen. Just continue along the path of natural, but also celestial and unconditional love. Focus on the path you have chosen and be the highest likely version. The union will take place as it is preordained and predestined.

Your twin soul and you carry an energetic signature that is exceptional and distinctive. Therefore stay true to your inner self and follow in the path where your soul leads you. It will ultimately lead to your destination, though it might take longer and the journey will be tough at times, tedious at others. Everything you do and every person you meet will be but milestones in your journey. It has a purpose for being where it is. Each day adds to your journey and experience in life.



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