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An Empath And Their Problems In Relationships

Being an empath allows one to be in sync with the energies and emotions of people around them- something that helps them grow in their own right. As a result, most of the empaths you will see are extremely compassionate while being supportive partners. But one must not forget the fact that being in tune with emotions can get pretty dangerous. And it happens more when they are in a relationship. 

Here are 5 big problems that an empath might face in a relationship.

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1. An Empath Fears Intimacy

Since an empath is extremely connected to emotions, they need time to recharge. And they do it by pulling away from people and being in their own space. Now when they are in a relationship, this can get tricky. Sudden bouts of solitude might disturb their partner- something an empath will definitely notice. 

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What an empath can do in this situation is clear it out with their partner before getting into a relationship. All one needs to do is inform the person they are with that they sometimes require time to recuperate and replenish themselves. 

2. Putting Their Partner Before Them

While it is a very loving gesture to take care of your partner’s needs, there is a line that needs to be drawn. An empath needs to realize that continuously taking care of their partner’s demands can unhinge the relationship. Since a relationship can only function when there is balance, both partners will have to compromise with the other person. It is all about giving and receiving. 

3. Emotional Burden

Sometimes an empath may be so caught up in the emotional turbulence of their partner, that they would make it their own identity. And this can create major problems. Carrying around someone else’s emotional duress can lead to hostile situations. It might lead to both the individuals involved starting to hate each other. As an empath, you clearly need to establish a boundary. And this can be done by developing hobbies of your own which will give you a sense of individualism. 

4. Zooming In On Your Partner’s Emotions

There are times when you will be better off staying neutral. Sure, there are times when your partner would need you to understand their perspective, and that’s required. But every other time, it is important that you take a step back and see the entire picture. Otherwise, you might simply fall into a web of toxicity.

Observe- then react. If your love is deep, then you would be automatically tuning into what your partner is feeling. But, stop that. Don’t let your instincts take over-and actually try to see things around you. Be in a place that is neutral, and devoid of turbulent emotions. 

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5. Managing Your Partner’s Emotions As An Empath

Just don’t do that. You might be an empath, but you aren’t a licensed therapist. If you start managing your partner’s emotions, they will get dependent on you. Or, they might start hating you for being controlling. Either way, it is not a road that you should walk on. There is an easy way out of this- talk to your partner.

While you shouldn’t try to control what they feel, you can certainly talk to them about why they are feeling it. Everyone needs someone to rely upon- be that person. Talk, don’t control. At the end of the day, you want them to be happy. Controlling what they feel and molding it to your choice isn’t the way to go. 

An empath can easily use their powers to understand what’s bothering their partner. A direct connection can be made that this will result in a perfect relationship. But we need to realize that the powers of emotional analysis don’t have an off switch. Hence, if you find your partner to be particularly empathetic, give them their space. 




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