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9 Ways To Tap Into The Powerful Energy Of The Divine Feminine

By Souls of Silver

Divine Feminine – these words have the capacity to create an imagery of power in front of you. Grounded in spirituality, this concept has varying meanings. In this article, let us explore the depths of the Divine Feminine energy and find out what it means to be connected to this energy.

The Divine Feminine is an energy that has been with us since ancient times. It co-exists with the Divine Masculine energy. To put it simply, human consciousness is divided into the ‘masculine and the ‘feminine,’ and we need to strike a balance between the two to achieve our highest creative potential.

Increasingly in our male-dominated society, more and more people are trying to unleash their Divine Feminine energy. Just like nothing great can be achieved if we are in an imbalanced state of mind, nothing great can happen in our society if the Divine energies are imbalanced. This is why it is becoming more crucial by the day to uncover the Divine Feminine archetype to strike a necessary chord of balance.

Co-Relation Between The Divine Feminine And Masculine

divine feminine

Think of the ‘Yin and the Yang.’ The interdependency, balance, and the association between the two halves that you see in the Yin-Yang, is the basic essence of both the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.

In other words, both these energies cannot exist without one another. To add to this, both these energies reside within us. Intuitive counselor, Elana Kilkenny tells us that, “Everyone has both the feminine and the masculine qualities – it’s not about what sex you are.” This means that any kind of cultural association of these terms with the biological sexes will be a wrong way to approach these broader Spiritual concepts.

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However, indeed, these energies within us are not evenly balanced. Let’s take the example of being an introvert and an extrovert. Most people tend to see these terms in isolation. But psychology states that not a single person is completely introverted or completely extroverted. Everyone is an ambivert but the amount varies. That is what makes all the difference. The same is true in the case of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. Too much masculinity leads to qualities like domination and aggression. Similarly, too much femininity makes us stagnant and disempowered.

Now let’s look at the qualities that are ascribed to the Divine Feminine.

Characteristics Of The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is as much about care and nurturing as it is about strength and power. The concept of this power is an age-old one and can be found in several ancient religions and traditions. In the East, we can see the embodiment of the Divine Feminine in goddesses like Devi Durga and Kali. These ancient Sanskritic religions have many avatars of the same Goddess depicting the various qualities of this feminine energy. A manifestation of the Divine Feminine can also be found in Venus of ancient Roman mythology.

This sacred feminine is a combination of many contrasting attributes. It is fierce by soft. It is another word for support and love which falls under the “paradigm of Universal Motherhood.” However, do not misunderstand the word ‘Mother’ in the previous statement. Everyone can access this energy regardless of their sex or gender. What we basically mean is that when you learn to connect to the Divine Feminine energy, you can naturally access qualities like patience, receptivity, universal care, ability to forgive, acceptance, and so on.

So, without further ado, let’s look at how we can connect to this divine energy.

9 Ways In Which You Can Connect To Your Inner Divine Feminine Energy

divine feminine
Divine Feminine

In today’s world, everything is fast-paced and action-oriented. You do not live if you do not do. But in the pursuit of this motto, we have disconnected ourselves from the very essence of being human. We walk, talk, eat, laugh, do. But what we have forgotten is to be.

So, here’s a list of ways in which you can reorient yourself by connecting to your divine feminine energy.

1: Halt, Stop, Pause, And Rest

Every one of us wakes up in the morning with a “get-more-done” mindset. We have become slaves to our self-cooked mission. This is where the power of the Divine Feminine comes into play. This energy is about pause and silence. Allow yourself a necessary break from time to time so that you achieve the much-needed balance in life.

2: Embrace Self-Reflexivity As A Habit

Go inside your mind and ponder over the things you say and the way you act every day. This might seem to be a waste of time for a few but that is what the Divine Feminine energy teaches. We are but mindless fools if we do not engage our conscience in our daily acts. To be, you need to realize yourself, your desires, and your potential. You can get into the habit of maintaining a journal to tap into the Divine Feminine side of you.

3: Open Your Life To Sensuality

Get in touch with the feeling side of things, whether it be a soothing sight, embracing self-care habits, or lighting your favorite candle. Embrace your life with all things sensual. Let your senses take over.

4: Learn To Love Yourself

This is the ultimate way in which you can tap into the divine potential of feminine energy. Loving yourself doesn’t mean avoid critiquing yourself or checking yourself. It is to be aware of your energy, accept yourself with all its flaws, and giving yourself the same love and compassion that you seek from the external world.

5: Listen To Your Intuitions

Listening to your intuitions is different from believing in superstitions. Your Divine Feminine energy will take you to your core feelings. It helps you connect your soul, mind, and body to the external reality. So, learn to tune into your intuitions to judge the external reality better.

6: Set Some “Me-Time” Aside

Within this materialistic world of rat-races and struggle, most often we get disconnected from our core self. This is where we need the Divine Feminine energy. This energy helps us reconnect to our inner core. Take some alone-time out every day to meditate or watch the sunset or take a relaxing bath.

7: Call For Your ‘Yin’ Energy

The ancient ‘Yin’ energy is associated with the sacred feminine energy. When you incorporate more Yin in your life, you are indirectly absorbing the feminine energy residing in your body. The Yin energy comes with lights, soothing colors, and textures. You can also create a calming environment to seek the Divine Feminine energy.

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8: Listen To Your Dreams

Dreams are the windows through which you can get a peek into your inner self. So, try to understand the deeper meaning hidden in your dreams and reorient your life.

9: Look Inwards Before Acting Out

When you tap into your Divine Feminine energy, you finally learn to look inwards before reacting or taking external action. Your feminine energy makes you introspect your responses before you deliver them to the world outside.

These are some of the ever-important roles of the Divine Feminine and ways in which you can harness this sacred energy within you to maintain a necessary balance in life. Let us know if you found them useful.



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