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Aries Season Is Here: 5 Ways To Celebrate It

By Souls Of Silver

The Aries Season is also known as the New Year for astrology because it is the first zodiac sign. Every month, the Sun pays a visit to the next zodiac sign, which is called a “season”. During a season, the energy of the prevailing zodiac sign influences all lives. The period of 20th March till 19th April is the season of Aries.

Read on to find out five ways in which one can celebrate this occasion:

1. Map Out The Mind In Aries Season

Aries Season
The First Fire Sign

The last month focused on meditation. Now, it is time to prepare for some movement of the energies. After the dream-like state in Pisces season, the energy of Aries will reveal the inner visionary powers and make you look at new and untested ideas.

With the mind under the rule of Aries, the head will have a buzz of visions of epic proportions. The solar cycle is mentally active and the first zodiac sign is also the first fire sign. The energy from Aries is akin to a spark that will ultimately give rise to a great flame. However, it is too early to commit to tending a single flame.

Mind-mapping will help in organizing all the burst of inspiration while being grounded in an imaginative, and organic flow. The process essentially involves writing down a single idea inside a circle in the middle of a certain paper. Any derivative ideas are then all mapped as successive circles that branch outwards.

The next sign Taurus will be the time for pragmatism which is when the decision to make the commitment should be made. It is time to properly plan out and contemplate all the circles. However, until that time indulge in the potential future without thinking about the actual consequences.

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2. Increase The Tendency To Be Physical

Aries season can easily carry away the mind with its flurry of plans and projects which can then end with being overwhelmed and bailing on them. Physical activity will be the priority to avoiding overload. Introduce at least three time-blocks into the calendar which will be solely for exercise.

Moving the body resumes the flow of stuck energy along with decreasing the stress that comes with the combative season. Varying the training is the key to exercising during the Aries season. Changing the scenery of a favorite routine will do wonders.

Aries season is also associated with warriors so have a try at martial arts or other kinds of self-defense techniques.

3. Harness The Direction Of Anger Of Aries Season

Tempers can flare up at any moment during the Aries season which can be used as a whetting stone. However, no one would possibly want to be one with the temper in a gathering. So it is imperative that one listens to the anger during the Aries season. Repressing the emotion is the main cause behind it going out of control or burning up all the other emotions.

Understanding the causes behind the anger helps in setting boundaries. The Aries season’s Ram is a symbol of the significance of boundaries when it comes to self-preservation.

Try to note down the exact cause and then find a neutral party that can help you process the feeling. The recommendation is to not act on an impulse and commit an action that is irreversible. The impetuous nature of the season can cause hurt that may never be healed.

There can be many reasons why one’s temper is flaring, even simple ones like a simple communication failure on one’s own part. A proper judgment will help the decision to fix it or leave it and learn from the experience.

aries season
Zodiac Aries

4. Get In Touch With Your Inner Child

Aries is also the youngest of all the zodiac signs which can influence the child-like attributes of the self. The playful feeling of wonder that one has as a child will be active. Shoshin, or a Buddhist concept of a “beginner’s mind” will help channel the wonder. Think of it as rediscovering every aspect of one’s life without any memory of the past.

In the time of this year’s Aries season, let go of all preconceived notions and assumptions and ask about them instead. This openness is to be maintained in professional as well as personal life. Children have no worries about consequences when learning a brand new skill. It is only as adults do we have self-doubt and ego stopping us from doing the same.

This is the time to explore the possibility of doing whatever one has ever wanted to do without worrying about success or failure. Aries season is the time to ponder over whether now is the time or to keep putting it off for someday in the future.

5. Treat The Self As The Special One

Dedicate this time of the Aries season to oneself and only oneself. Try to remember the last time you enjoyed the company of only yourself without any distractions. Aries rules over self-love and personalities like Lady Gaga and Maya Angelou have devoted entire lives to educating us of this.

However, do not mix it up with self-isolation as enjoying one’s own company is an enriching experience only while the outside world is kept in the mind at the same time.  

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way talks refers to self-love as the periodic Artist’s Date. She says that this is a solo expedition in a festive time that one undertakes to explore a new and interesting topic.

It might be difficult at first, but people have reported that once it gets going, it becomes an enriching and rejuvenating habit.

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