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Getting To Know Your Gut Feelings: When Do You Follow It Over Apparent Reason

By Souls Of Silver

There are numerous times when something inside is telling you that things are not quite right, though it might seem ok on paper. You just seem to know, without any particular reason that it is time to act differently from what logic tells you to. It is those moments when you follow your will, not the rules. Gut feelings are the instincts that tell you to err on the side of the illogical.

You often get these unexpected and inexplicable inner drives to turn away from a path. Should they be trusted or should we go with what logic dictates? Let’s go through what both spirituality and science have to offer it.

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What Is A Gut Feeling?

Gut feeling is at times akin to intuition though there is a physical feeling associated with the former. It could be a tingling up your spine, or a voice ringing in your ear, but be assured that it is telling you nothing but the truth.

Tara Swift, a neuroscientist has a more scientific explanation to offer from the physiological viewpoint. The author of The Source says that your gut feeling is an offshoot of the bacteria in your gut directly instructing the brain through chemical messengers, called cytokine transmission. It is also the neurons linking up to the instinctive and emotional part of our brain.

But from a spiritual point, people normally get an inner voice that tells them that things are not right. At times it is best to not underestimate the power of your instincts. The inclination should always be towards what feels right.

Discerning What Your Inner Voice Is Telling You

It is that voice in your head advising you against following what appears to be the logical path. But here’s what it might be  telling you

1. Gut Feelings Indicate That You’re In Danger.

gut feelings

These extrasensory perceptions were a part of our evolutionary process. This is what protected our ancestors from constant danger. It helps when you can detect danger much before it manifests itself. Danger and fear manifest themselves as a tight sensation inside your gut or a feeling of intense anxiety.

2. Gut Feelings Also Detects Someone Positive.

Yes, your intuitions are not always about the negative. It could also be an indicator of something pleasant and good that could happen to you. At times you instantly take to a person and their very presence brings to you a feeling of warmth and safety.

3. Gut Feelings Tell You Something About Yourself

At times you realize that something is not quite right inside though there are no indications or symptoms to justify it. But we perceive our body better and such signals should compel you to get yourself checked.

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4. Mulling Over A Risk

When you’re about to take the big step when it’s about your career or your future, it is better to heed your gut feelings. If you are dithering about your next move and something inside tells you to go for it, it’s time you moved forward. Suppressing it often leads you down the wrong path.

5. The Feeling Of Being Remote Controlled

This is an area where your guts are spot on always. You instinctively realize when someone intends to manipulate you. An intense dislike and repulsion build up in your stomach.

Are You Gut Feelings Fool Proof

As with all feelings and instincts, we can go wrong with our gut feelings. But then we might be also mistaken in interpreting them, and need to follow them more closely.

gut feelings

We pick up experiences that are retained not as a memory but as instincts and they become our inner voice. But not all decisions can be based on your old fears and experiences. The process of projecting one experience onto the next is not always reliable.

Telling Intuition From Fear Or Anxiety

Intuition comes more from a peaceful state and it might be difficult for someone in an anxious state to discern between the two. Anxiety is more illogical and cannot tell between right and wrong. Get it right when it comes to your gut feelings, and take the wisdom to know between right and wrong. It is the physical manifestation of all the spirituality and wisdom gained over the years.



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