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How To Activate The Psychic In You

By Souls of Silver

Psychic Awareness is the way in which one could be aware of their inner spirit and acknowledge it by applying it in their daily life. All of us have this intuitive power which speaks to us, guides us in different ways, which we occasionally refer to as our ‘gut feeling’.

This inner voice is our spirit communicating with us. If we connect with it, we could realize the full potential of our mind. Psychic Awareness helps us to achieve this connection with our inner spirit.

There are several ways by which we could gain this psychic awareness.

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Trusting the First Impression

We often feel differently about certain things, but we ignore it to trust the conventional wisdom and often find ourselves more confused and lost. This inner voice that we ignore is the call from our psychic being which shows us the right path for us. One should learn to trust the first impression.

When you have a negative feeling about a new job or a new relationship, you should muster the courage to walk out and start reassessing where you stand.

This feeling of something being amiss and not in order is our higher self guiding us, and if we trust our instincts, it will make us more psychically aware of ourselves, our soul plan and the purpose of our life.

Taking Adequate Rest

The connection that we have with our inner spirit demands a calm and peaceful state of mind. An agitated mind will be too excited to make such a connection and cause disruptions in the communication process.

Besides, the constant use of psychic intuitions drains the mental and physical self out of the necessary energy. A good sleep is always necessary to replenish any loss of energy or tackling feelings of mental fatigue. Whenever you feel exhausted, you should not try to use the psychic intuitions but rather concentrate on taking rest or meditating so that the inner strength can be regained. This will result in feeling more energetic and developing a better understanding of the inner self.

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To be Inquisitive

The psychic self is a seat of different kinds of knowledge placed within you to guide you. Hence, one should not be afraid of asking questions. Inside the mind, one should continue to ask questions about themselves, their relationships, family, friends, employment, finances and health.

The Inner Self is a source of all truth and it will definitely answer correctly. We should trust these answers and trust in ourselves to follow through. If one asks more and more questions, they will be more capable of establishing a stronger connection with the inner self. If the answers are listened and followed through, one can build a stronger connection with oneself and the divine plan, with the help of trust and self-belief.

Listening to the Answers

When we ask different questions to our psychic self, we will get different answers. Some of them can be very uncomfortable. However, these answers are our first impression and we should always trust it. The more answers we get, the more we become aware of ourselves and the world around us.

To help build a better psychic awareness, one should note down the answers and try to apply them in their own conscious decision-making. The inner self is a source of truth and will always guide us on a proper path and there is no reason to doubt it.


With all new skills, practice makes us perfect. In today’s world, we have so much noise and toxic mind-chatter that we are severed from our inner self. Once we become more aware of it, we could apply it in our daily lives. We should let our psychic thoughts freely flow through our mind.

Practice with a friend. Read the people around you. Engaging the psychic mind to read the world will help in developing psychic abilities which we can always trust to guide us in our life path. It warns us of an impending danger and of people who give off negative vibrations.

So, tune into your intuition today, and let the psychic in you wake up!

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