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Get To Know And Help Your Inner Child

By Souls of Silver

Many a time the creative urge in our childhood gives way to dry uninspiring adulthood. The sense of wonder succumbs to dull logic and reasoning. But they the inner child come back to nurture our creativity. Everything seems possible again, that chance to be wild again and let your life run and wander free. It is again a bright and buoyant journey. The inner child in you is but the core of the real person who dwells in you.

This inner child has always been a part of your innermost self. It is what you were at the beginning before the harsh realities of your life tied you down through rules and conventions.

But your inner child is not what you are. It is rather the fountain from where you spring from. It is the core of your being that finally blooms and becomes the real you.

Being Nurtured Away From Our Natural Self

But the seed in you is affected by its surrounding. Nature has given birth to you. But you have been nurtured into the person that you are at present. And the factors guiding you to what you are today are location, the quality of your nourishment, and the storms that you have faced in your life.

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The first decade of our life is spent soaking in the experience. We take in all we experience through our senses. And it is through these experiences that we become the person we are. We form opinions and develop preferences. Puberty marks the passage away from this inner child.

Facing any storm during this period can have a lasting effect throughout our life. It could be the loss of someone close, being uprooted from one’s home, the trauma of abuse. The way we dealt with each becomes implanted into our mind and soul.

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It isn’t what happens to us but how we face up to even the minor hurdles that determine our future. It becomes the systematic plan to achieve our objective or goal.

Taking Things To Heart

Whenever we are faced with something as a child that shakes us emotionally, we do not have the cognitive awakening to face it or overcome it.

For instance, a divorce could be taken personally as if it was the fault of the child. Through their sadness and emotional vulnerability, they blame themselves for it.

Even the realization later in life does nothing to take away the initial response to a traumatic experience. This programming can stay embedded in the internal recesses of our minds. And slowly affect our functioning much later into adulthood.

Working with your inner child can be tedious and tiresome. You end up getting drained by the experience.

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As we move into adulthood, we look back at our past and decide that the traumatic experiences are just a part of our transition from childhood into adulthood. But the experience and the trauma were real then.

And this journey into your childhood isn’t about apportioning blame. Your parents and other elders were giving off their best. A positive mindset could help you move out of the traumas of childhood.

We need to deal with the scars inflicted in childhood. This will help us to overcome the hurdles we face much later in life. Unless we confront the ghosts from the past, they tend to rear their heads from time to time and disrupt our lives.

Confronting The Ghosts From The Past

inner child

At times these inner traumas can best be healed with the help of a counselor. But there are things that you can do yourself.

Visit a traumatic event from the past. Try to pin the ways it affects you now as an adult. How it influences your choices now.

You could write to your inner child at the time of this traumatic event. Say things that you would have wanted to hear and learn at that particular instance in your childhood.

Try to be influenced in your life decisions by love and not fear. Try to disassociate experiences as a child and move on with the knowledge that you have been healed and are perfect. Keep reminding yourself until you are complete and free totally.



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