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Aura Cleansing: Three Ways To Clean Your Aura

By Souls Of Silver

Quite often, we feel a little “off.” It’s a regular part of life. These are times when normal things begin to slip from our hands. We break dishes, hurt people, spill any sort of drinks, mess up the food, or flip out for no good reason. 

Anxiety is a normal aspect of life. Anything mundane can trigger it. And it affects our aura. A loss of the job, of people. And this also includes friends or family members pouring out their long, long grievances. Hence, it all adds up to the moment. 

And during such times, it is vital to think about our energy. Because these moments are not rare. And it affects our aura on many levels. And how to get our minds off of the gutter. Now, these things can also sum up our reasons for the cleansing of our aura. 

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What Is Our Aura?

The aura of a human being is nothing but the energy of the human body. And the ones that surround it. Hence, it reflects the emotions of our body in a colorful manner. Julie Civiello Polier, a master of Reiki, defined it in such words. She further added that when the emotions shift, these colors change and shift as well. 

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Her imagination of the aura is a sort of bubble. And inside, the human body lives and breathes. It is also responsible for all the vibes we give off. Hence, there should be a need to keep it all in shape and not let it interact negatively. 

And because of that, we should try to keep it free, clean as well as intact. 

How To Scrub Your Aura: 3 Ways Make A Difference

Aura cleansing can be hard to understand. But it could often be easier to clean it against how it seems. One can employ several smaller techniques to get it done. 

Breathing Work

There could be millions of ways when it comes to breathing. And hence, several more ways for exercising their breathing. Breathing helps in cleaning the aura. 

Breathe through the nose. Make sure it is gentle and very deep. Do it three times. Make sure the breathing is silent, small, and sharp. This will help in pumping the diaphragm. Do this exercise while pumping the belly to keep calm. This process is called ‘breath of fire’ by Kundalini. 

One should repeat this exercise for about 3 minutes. It could also be done for however many times as desired. But during it, one should pay undivided attention to what happens. 

Writing Free-Form For Aura Cleansing

Look for a place where there is no disturbance for you. When you can concentrate. A place where your phone can be turned off and is private. If it feels appealing, light a candle. And take a utensil for writing, as well as a paper. 

To help your aura cleansing, it is important not to use a journal. Because you will not read the writing again. You can also write within a time frame. Or what is called a ‘container.’ Set a timer, and start writing. 

Like this, start with whatever you can. Even when the initial thought is ambivalence in writing it. Words will keep flowing eventually. And after the timer is set off, you can continue writing if you still have more to process. And never read again what you have written. Burn it if necessary 

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Smudging Aura Cleansing

Light a palo santo or light sage. It is an amazing way for aura cleansing. Let the smoke, perfumed, spell around you. Let it circle your head. Then let it flow around your outline. Including your feet and under them. 

Smoke can also be uncomfortable for some. Thus, use a selenite crystal. And it will work just as wonderfully. One could also always invest in a selenite lamp. It would help in maintaining your aura cleansing. That too, full time. There are also several ways to smudge fully.

Hence, diving deeper can help in your aura cleansing. And can help release you from experiences and thoughts that affect your body.



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