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Full Moon In Libra: Equinox Brings Balance And Change

By Souls of Silver

March stands for a lot of things but it is essentially our doorway from winter to spring. It sets the tone for the changes that will occur in all aspects of our lives. The March of 2019 will be more significant, thanks to the Full Moon on 20th of March, and that too, in Libra.

Full Moon In Libra

The Full Moon in Libra has been known as a sign of change and revamping ourselves and our lives. And with the full moon being at its height during the Spring Equinox, get ready for some intense energy exchange. It may also be noted that this has occurred way back in the year 2000 and also, in the year 1981.

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With the full moon being in Libra, we will find ourselves devoting all our mental and emotional resources on relationships. Even new ones can come our way during this period. One is also likely to make new friendships and relationships because connections will be made and felt on a deeper level.

What Native Americans Called It

There is a lot special about this moon, especially the name that the Native Americans call it: Sugar Moon. It indicates the face of spring, when the sweet sap of the maple trees starts to flow. This in itself is a representation of the wonderful things that are about to happen to a lot of us. The equinox means that the day will be as long as the night. It is the symbol of balance, a balance between the good and bad in our lives.


The coming of spring, the full moon and the equinox reminds us that we are soon to experience warmer days. It’s a signal for us to work to achieve warmth in our lives. It is a good time for love so find yourself a minute or two every day, to think about it and be grateful for the love that you have in your life. Look up at the sky and remind yourself that you are going to be okay. This particular period is also very good for your sense of self awareness and working on purging the negatives out of your life to focus on everything that makes your life better and your heart happier.

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In conclusion, let it be noted and observed that springtime is the time for all of us to get together with our friends, families and all that we love to celebrate. It is the truly beautiful scheme of life that we all fit in, like pieces of jigsaw.

Here is hoping that we all have a splendid spring full of love, laughter and acceptance. Let us all fight everything that threatens our peace and work together to ensure harmony and positivity around us, at all times.

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