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Soul-Searching- How Do We Find Our Identity?

By Souls Of Silver

Soul-searching- something we don’t really focus on in our lives. Sure, we might be feeling low for days on end, aimless, wandering around like a rudderless boat. But, there are times when we would chalk it down to an existential crisis. Yes, while that may be one way to look at it, it isn’t everything. When we start craving a meaningful existence, it is our being looking towards soul-searching.

There aren’t many who would know what this entails, although there are many who would come across this term in their daily lives. And this isn’t just coincidental- it is the Universe signaling them to go above and beyond their plane of being. 

What Is Soul-Searching?

To be precise, soul-searching is simply a journey to seek the many answers to life’s questions. To many, soul-searching is just another way of looking towards happiness and truth. Some may, in fact, try to bring this out by questioning the very way we are wired.

They would experiment with their habits, with their personality- tweaking what doesn’t fit the puzzle. But that sticks to the surface. When we delve beyond the face value of soul-searching, we are simply returning to our center. If we were looking at it from a literal sense, it means to find one’s true nature. And if one is willing enough, it takes them on a journey towards spiritual awakening. 

Why Do We Initiate Soul-Searching?

Soul Searching

This is a very valid question. After all, there must be a reason in the first place for us to start seeking our soul. And the answer is its very absence. When we feel a surge of an identity crisis on us, it is simply because our souls aren’t in sync with our mental selves. The pain steadily becomes unbearable, but there is a way to go beyond that. All you need to do is reconnect with who you are. You need to go beyond facades and masks, and truly indulge in major soul-searching.

Also, this isn’t a very modern, millennial concept. For thousands of years, soul loss has been a real thing. Unfortunately, this phenomenon keeps seeping through the fabrics of society, forcing us to reconnect with our true identities. And, this is to be expected. We live in a world where we are governed by material desires. To go beyond that can get very tricky- and for some, not a way to return. 

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So what exactly is soul loss?

A soul loss is simply the loss of an important part of our soul. It happens when our souls are hidden away, and we aren’t able to access them. There are quite a few reasons why we experience soul loss and need to go on a journey of soul-searching.

1: Trauma during childhood

2:Trauma faced during adulthood

3: Conditioning by society.

4: An exaggeration of technology in your life

5: Materialistic desires.

6: Social structures, and over-indulgence in science.

To put it simply, soul loss occurs when we are threatened by any suppressive ideology. And this results in us having a sense of loss. We feel as if something is missing, but we can’t exactly pinpoint it. It prevents us from living our lives happily, irrespective of how successful we might be. 

19 Signs You’re a Lost Soul And Need To Go On Soul-Searching

Lost souls dwell in a place that is neither here nor there. It is called the limbo, where nothing moves. You feel stagnant, lethargic. There is a sense of nothingness around you. And this is when you experience true soul loss. Here are a few symptoms that might prove your soul-loss. 

1: A constant sense of being fatigued.

2: No motivation.

3: Loneliness.

4: Unhappy with your state of being. 

5: Craving for just a little bit more out of life. 

6: The sense of being an outsider even amongst family.

7: Moody and irritable.

8: Undergoing quarter-life crisis.

9: Addiction-prone. 

10: Increased sense of self-loathing.

11: Your attempts at numbing this loss of soul don’t work.

12: Feeling broken inside.

13: Anxiety and depression.

14: A sense of something missing. 

15: Dissatisfied and bored.

16: Stranded on this plane. 

17: The void inside you.

18: An identity crisis.

19: You feel the meaninglessness of everything around you.

Well, if there is a problem there will always be a solution. Here are a few ways you can start your own journey of soul-searching. 


How Does One Start Soul-Searching?

Be At Peace With Your Solitude

Don’t think of solitude as loneliness. When you are seeking solitude, it is of your own accord. You are not lonely, you simply need your own space. And when you are soul-searching, you need to start looking for some alone time. You can’t actively seek the truth when you are surrounded by people.

All you need to do is give time to your soul to whisper its answers when you can hear them. If you are someone who is experienced in meditation, then it might become easy for you. But most of us aren’t well-versed in the arts. This entails that we might need to spend most of our time alone, isolated from people. This is how you will truly understand yourself.

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What Does Your Ego Entail?

Your ego is the false self which is what the world sees. Your soul is hidden from everyone and hence is the truth. Now, you need to check up on your ego. It is a shapeshifter, so you will never find just one facade. But what you can do is grow your ego out. Sure, it comes with its problems- but isn’t that what makes your soul-searching interesting? If soul-searching were easy, we wouldn’t be needing it in the first place.

You need to make your ego understand that it is the false self that you have around yourself. It can’t be real, it can’t be who you are- for that is occupied by your soul. 

Reconnecting As A Form Of Soul-Searching

You need to establish contact with your inner child- for it knows who you really are. Your inner child has all the original qualities of your soul, and there is nothing easier than getting in touch with them. All you need to do is write a letter. Yes, it might sound a bit juvenile- but it works. You need to visualize who or what your inner child is, and do something that your inner child loved doing. 

Observe what you are doing, and the emotions you are feeling. These sentiments, emotions, and feelings would help you later. 

Soul-searching is quite an important part of one’s life. If you disregard its importance, you would simply be doing yourself a major disservice.



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