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Do You Know What Is Your Unique Gift As An Empath?

By Souls of Silver

Most people just assume empaths can feel and experience the emotions of the other person. The fact is empaths not only experience the joys and sorrows, but they can also understand the reason behind those emotions. With this understanding, they get a clearer picture of the whole situation. But not all of them are built the same.

There are many types of empaths based on how they understand the emotions of others. Here are 6 mandalas. Choose the one you can connect with the most, and it will tell you your unique gift as an empath.

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1. Nature Empath

Nature Empath

If you have always felt more connected with plants, trees, and all living beings, you are a Nature Empath. As an empath, it is important for you to feel full at all times. Others’ experiences are draining, so you rely on natural elements to refresh you regularly. Nature guides you in your experiences as well. You can channel nature’s healing powers to help those around you.

2. Creature Empath

creature empath

Be it wild ones or household pets, creatures attract you the most. You can easily connect with all animals and can understand their pain. Often you find yourself helping a bird with broken wings or a toad get out of the pool. You are naturally attracted to such creatures, and they bring you the most joy.

3. Perceptive Empath

perceptive empath

You are very perceptive of your surroundings and use your subconscious mind most of the time. You read situations very well, even when no one shows any sign of distress. But this sensory overload often overwhelms you and impacts your own processes. Perceptive empaths need to surround themselves more with people who support your growth.

4. Passionate Empath

passionate empath

Even more than the perceptive ones, passionate empaths can connect with others’ issues. You often feel more and more people are turning ignorant, and take it upon yourself to feel all the emotions! You don’t have to compensate for them! Channelize your caring energy for the greater good of mankind.

5. Energy Empath

energy empath

Energy empaths can feel the energy vibrations of all living beings around them. You are easily affected by distant energies and hence need to protect yourself better. Don’t be a sponge for the negative energies of the world. Spread your own positive energy to make the world a better place.

6. Healer Empath

healer empath

Working mostly in holistic health sectors, healer empaths have great knowledge of healing practices. You have a great understanding of the human mind and body. You crave more information and a better understanding of the human body. Be the guide people need and lead them towards healing remedies.

Can you identify with any of these special gifts of an empath? Being an empath takes its toll on us, but we must remember to keep marching for the greater good. And don’t forget to protect your own energies in the process!



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