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EFT Tapping: An Alternative Way To Cure Your Pain

By Souls Of Silver

If one is suffering from emotional distress and physical pain, then eft tapping is a good method to try out. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Other names for it are psychological acupressure or simply tapping.

The technique comes from a belief in the inherent balance of your body. Practitioners believe that tapping will lead to balancing the energies in your system. This should cure the pain. Gary Craig is the one who has developed it. He believes that unbalanced energies are the cause for all negativity in life.

People suffering from PTSD and anxiety have received good results from this developing technique.

What Is The Meaning Behind EFT Tapping?

The method has a similarity to acupuncture. The internal energies are brought into equilibrium by tapping on meridian points. Any symptoms of negative emotion are believed to be treated by this.

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Meridian points can also be known as the hot spots in the body. Its origin is in Chinese medicine. These points are believed to be paths through which the energies traverse in the body. A clear path is the foundation of health. Unlike the needles of acupuncture, EFT only uses finger taps.

eft tapping

Practitioners state that tapping is better access to the energy points. Tapping also sends signals that affect the brain in reducing stress. They further add that reducing the negativity felt is a sign of the balance being restored. As such, once the balance is restored, the problem will also be cured.

Steps To Perform EFT Tapping

5 steps go into EFT tapping. If there are multiple issues, the sequence can be repeated. A repetition ensures further balance to the internal energy.

1: Find Exactly What The Issue Is

The first step and the most important one is to pinpoint the issue. This the point one must focus on when tapping. For better results, take up a single issue per session.

2: Rank The Intensity Of The Issue

The next step would be to assess how distressing the issue is. A scale beginning at 0 and ending with 10 is usually used. 10 marks the worst kind of pain one has ever felt. This benchmark will help one understand the effects of EFT Tapping. It will help one better evaluate how helpful a complete session has been.

3: Setting Up For EFT Tapping

Before one begins, a sentence should be created. The sentence will explain the issue. The phrase should include the issue and one’s acceptance of oneself despite it. 

Alterations are fine as long as no other person gets into the phrase. The issue must be yours and yours alone.

4: The Sequence In EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping involves methodically tapping nine of the twelve meridian points on the body. The exact order of tapping them is to begin at the small intestine meridian. The phrase must also be recited three times at the same time. After that, tap the following points seven times in order: eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, chin, the collarbone’s top, and under the arm. In the end, the point at the top of the head is to be tapped. Also chant a phrase to remind yourself of the cause of the issue during the session.

5: Testing The Effect

After the sequence is over, rank how distressing the issue is. One should do it again and again until the issue ranks 0.

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Veterans suffering from PTSD have returned positive results by EFT Tapping. In 2013, a study compared the effectiveness of this method to standard medical care. A 2016 study has returned similar results for people suffering from anxiety. As always, talk to the doctor first before going for EFT Tapping.



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