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Spiritual Awakening: What Does It Entail?

By Souls Of Silver

A spiritual awakening is an extremely sacred moment in one’s life- but it can also be extremely lonely, alienating, and confusing. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful experience that paves the way towards nirvana. To put it in simple terms, a spiritual awakening highlights the initiation of an individual on the path to spirituality. Unless we have experienced a spiritual awakening, we would simply be going through life without truly living it.

We would be more worked up over material things like power, and money in a twisted desire to seek happiness. But, there are certain uncertainties to a spiritual awakening. The biggest uncertainty of it all is that these occur at times when we least expect it. This entails that you can’t really plan for it- as they come in like a tornado. And yet, the gift buried within that uncertainty is the realization that they occur when we need them to. 

One could also say that spiritual awakening is the freedom that the soul cries for. Freedom from the facade that belies life. If we have truly incorporated spiritual awakening in our lives, we see through the deceptions of life. Looking deep inside your soul, you would come to the realization that nothing outside can make you happy. When you look for happiness outside, it solely implies that you aren’t happy with your own self.

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What Does One Mean By Spiritual Awakening?

When an individual commits to the process and goes through a spiritual awakening, they simply wake up. This waking up is different from waking up from sleep- this is one’s rebirth. We start questioning everything that we have been a part of. Our very outlook towards life changes, as we look at how we were conditioned. The realization then comes very easily as we understand that there is a lot more to life than what we see.

Spiritual Awakening

This is when we start asking ourselves- why do we exist? Such existential thoughts, which bring us to the cusp of our identity make us wonder about what it all signifies in the end. Any form of spiritual awakening is capable enough of drawing out the real question from within us. We utter sentences and receive answers to questions that we had been too scared to ask before. It is pretty common to see someone who has experienced an awakening start searching for meaning. We start looking for God wherever we look- because we believe that would grant us our meaning. 

Why Does A Spiritual Awakening Take Place?

A spiritual awakening is a common move by your soul when it is expanding, evolving, and maturing. When we see everything growing around us, it is time to understand that our souls grow too. A spiritual awakening will help you connect to your soul better. But this depends on how much of a transformation you face. The more you start embodying your soul, the more joy you receive. You will soon find yourself surrounded by fulfillment, peace, love, and freedom. 

It is natural for the spiritual awakening to be a bit painful in the beginning. After all, we are literally breaking through every facade that previously defined our identity. In the end, such a process will guarantee that we have a meaningful life. When you feel that your life makes no meaning at the end of it, you should understand that this is a result of every single one of your desires and beliefs being shattered. It is traumatic, we agree, but also necessary.

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What Initiates The Process?

There are several reasons why a spiritual awakening process is triggered. You wouldn’t find one absolutely correct answer. As mentioned earlier, spiritual awakening can take place at any point in time. Usually, they are instantaneous, but they could also be the effect of lifestyle changes. Any tragedy that you went through, or a trauma that has resurfaced, can lead to a spiritual awakening. 

Your inherent personality could also lead to a spiritual awakening. For example, you could be a very old soul- or someone empathetic in nature, and hence more attuned to spirituality. Interestingly, some people get their awakening on the basis of twin flame relationships. Usually, the process of spiritual awakening is the result of The Dark Night Of The Soul- an experience that collaborates with it. 

Spiritual Awakening and The Dark Night Of The Soul

If you think there is a slight possibility that you might be an empath who is also a deep thinker, you may be going through The Dark Night of The Soul. This is simply a period when we are simply cut off from every higher power. The trick here is to start becoming wary of this Divine disconnection that you are experiencing. For, this will increase the chances of you experiencing this unique feature. 

Let this be understood that both Spiritual Awakening and the Dark Night of The Soul aren’t pleasant experiences. But then again, this is the very tenet of reality- things are tough. The experience is extremely brutal, raw, and primal. Some believe it to be the most difficult experience that humanity has gone through. All you have with you is the belief that this is simply a phase that will go away. Believe in yourself, and search for the light in the pitch darkness.

Spiritual Awakening

If you think you are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening or the precursor- the Dark Night of the Soul, here are a few symptoms.

1: Complete and absolute isolation from everyone and everything.

2: A divine disconnection

3: Melancholy

4: You feel similar to a rudderless boat in the unknown seas

5: Despair

6: A notion of existential angst.

7: An intense lack of motivation

8: A general interest in the deeper meaning of life.

The 7 Phases of Spiritual Awakening

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the process is beyond complex- and is multi-layered. Interestingly, we can’t divide it into stages neatly.

Phase 1:

The first phase of one’s spiritual awakening is always the dark night of the soul. You start feeling disconnected, alienated, confused, and depressed with your state in life. This phase comes in spontaneously and without any warning. 

Phase 2:

Your perception of what is real and what is not changes. This is where you gain the foresight to see through one’s facades. 

Phase 3:

This is where you keep asking questions. There is an innate need within you to know what’s happening all around you. 

Phase 4: 

There will always be a few individuals who would be able to take you through the process. All you need to do is listen to them, and trust in your own judgment of who you are. 

Phase 5:

You are disillusioned with life itself- nothing makes sense to you anymore. Struggle through this- for there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Phase 6:

Surface-level things don’t attract you anymore. You want to get into the unknown and feel the mysteries that life contains. 

Phase 7:

Your spiritual awakening is finally complete. If you look inside yourself, you would be able to see how your soul has expanded. You might also experience mystical experiences, which are just a backlash from the phases. 

Spiritual awakening is all about realizing what your purpose is, on this plane. What you need to do is listen to it, and let it control your body- for the results would be worth it.



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