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5 Subtle Signs You’re Experiencing Spiritual Transformation

By Souls Of Silver

Almost everything in our lives happens in circles. Our soul, too, goes through a cyclical journey of spiritual evolution. The beginning of that cycle is an acknowledgment of change, also called Spiritual Awakening and the end of that cycle is the act of change itself, or Spiritual Transformation.

Change in any form can be daunting for us. The soul needs time to prepare for any kind of change. During this time, you go through a process of breaking, crumbling, and dissolving. After this, your soul absorbs the transformations and re-emerges in a different, evolved form. What I mean to say is that, during this transition phase, you might experience certain symbols or signs from the external world or the world within you that tell you that a time of spiritual transformation is near.

Let us now focus on some of these harbingers of spiritual evolution.

Spiritual Transformation And Its Signs

spiritual trasformation
Spiritual Transformation

Transforming spiritually is all about being more aware of your core self. It comes only when you become aware of your actions and their consequences or when you open the floodgates of your soul. Most people remain hollow throughout their lives because they don’t realize that only an in and outflow of knowledge, wisdom, and energy can make a person complete. The change will never happen in a one-way street.

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Here are some ways to help you identify that your soul is going through a transformation.

1: Old Patterns Crumble In A Spiritual Transformation

If you notice that your old behavioral tendencies, thought patterns or habits, or even beliefs are loosening or crumbling down, don’t resist that change. It means it is time that you adopt a new scheme, a fresh pattern, a different perspective, and so on. Our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are not immutable. Right from their conception, they are subject to change. And this is something that we have problems grasping. But if you are going through such a time of disintegration, know that you’re at the cusp of spiritual transformation.

2: When One Door Closes, Another Always Opens

This is the key mantra of spiritual transformation. If old habits and patterns are disintegrating, it is likely that you will soon come across new pathways. We often tend to get stagnant in our lives, but if you’re transforming, this feeling will completely reverse. You’ll feel like capturing the moment. This is the time when you get rid of earlier barriers and progress in life.

3: When You Hand Over Your Spiritual Reins

Spiritual Transformation
Spiritual Transformation

Let go! These two words have immense strength in themselves. But preaching is easier than practicing. Oftentimes, we forcefully resist letting go. This is when we resist change. The crucial precondition of any kind of transformation is shedding and going with the flow. Losing control may feel threatening to many. But leave the driver’s seat and let the Universe take over for a while.

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4: Leave Some People Behind

Spiritual transformation comes at a cost. When you’re going through a transition, a movement forward, it is obvious that you’ll not be able to carry forward all the people in your life. This is where you need to work on your emotions. If you notice people who are vibrationally unmatched to you, purge your soul and let them go.

5: Epiphany Strikes

When you’re on the brink of spiritual transformation, you start gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of things. Little realizations become a daily thing and these culminate into an epiphanic perspective. You finally learn to see things more clearly or find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

These are some of the subtle signs that can hint towards spiritual transformation. Let us know if you found these useful.



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