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The Romantic Struggle Of Lightworkers: Finding The One

By Souls of Silver

First of all, let’s see what or who a lightworker is. The term has found recent and frequent usage in spirituality circles. Unfamiliar as it may sound, a lightworker has always been known by other names by many people, which includes empaths, star seeds, etc.

The Specialty Of Lightworkers

The idea is that these individuals are gifted with a much more sensitive soul and, in many cases, better cognitive reasoning too. These people are here not for the everyday Sisyphean predicament that we call life. They might be in the midst of drudgery too, but their purpose is to serve others and to help them heal with their higher powers.

They are endowed with the ability to heal others simply by being with them and are also given to be of an extremely selfless attitude. This makes them extremely ideal lovers, who give more than they take in a relationship.

True healers, they help their partners find themselves and ascend spiritually.

A Dissatisfaction In Love

Recently, there has been a problem. Lightworkers seem to be increasingly dissatisfied with their romantic attachments and with seeking partners with higher spiritual abilities.

The theme is the same: lightworkers realize that their partners are spiritually asleep, increasingly without compassion, just like the rest of humanity.

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Where it still keeps many starseeds faithful to their partners, hoping they can help them ascend and change, many others have increasingly shown tendencies to break the relationship up and look for lightworker partners.

The world is changing and this is the time when many spiritual changes have been going on in the world. Energy transitions are taking place and metamorphoses are too. This is when spiritually gifted people shine as those energies are very much fuel for them.

Looking Into Myths

To all those lightworkers, we have a question that can fundamentally solve your problem. We understand that you are looking for your soulmate. Let us tell you a story first: The story about soulmates goes that Zeus divided man’s body (then with two heads, four hands, four legs, but one soul) into two parts and left them to wander the Earth forever in search of the other half.

Imagine this fairytale to be true. Now your other half, the completing piece of the jigsaw puzzle, has seen the world differently, grown up in a house as different from you as anything and has also learnt to love differently. Most importantly, you never know who your soulmate is: what if it is the same partner you want to leave?

An Advice

So, our advice is simply this: Learn how to grow together in a relationship. Learn how to appreciate differences as much as the common things you share. Maybe, the jigsaw of your soul is going to be a colorful, wacky one, where the pieces don’t match at a surface level.

But it’s not required when you are dealing with a love from the soul.

Each relationship is unique and it takes different people to wake up and transition at different times and different circumstances.

Learn to appreciate that, it makes things far easier.

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