The Crowd Sings A Tragic Rendition of Ave Maria As Notre Dame Falls


By Souls of Silver

The recent tragedy of the Notre Dame burning has moved everyone in the world. The 800-year-old cathedral has been an important part of history – from the coronation of Napoleon to the Sainthood of Joan of Arc. Years of accumulated history was torn to pieces when the world witnessed the slow fall of the Parisian pride – the spire of the Notre Dame. The damage was of the human spirit.

What followed was a unison of many people coming together and singing the famous Ave Maria. The song becoming doubly significant in the tragedy. Their voices rolled up to reach the heavens. Prayers tried to conjure up the lost historical figures who touched the Notre Dame. The prayers were a tribute to all the builders, the architects and everyone involved with the glory of the cathedral. Ave Maria signified the love of the lost ones.

The world has stood still after the tragic fall of the Notre Dame. We do not know how life will move on after this – but we will struggle, while keeping this memory as a burning reminder that everything has an end. Yet, this song will remain in our years, haunting our dreams and yet, keeping up in hope for a better tomorrow. It also shows the mellowness of grief, it’s power to unite people in a single cause. The Notre Dame, even now as it fell, has been able to bring us together emotionally as one.

May the renovation make it as good as the old architecture. May the renovation make it as good as the old architecture. We can only expect the Notre Dame will regain its past glory. Our world has seen many tragedies, but somehow, this tragedy stands out among the rest. It represents the fall of history.


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