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Tap Into Your 4D And Build An Honest World

By Souls of Silver

Soon enough, it is going to be impossible for someone to lie to you; And you have 4D to thank for that. It is nothing but our higher self. We are today gradually coming in sync with this self as our psychic powers are enhancing, causing our vibrations to rise higher.

Due to this spiritual growth, our auras are becoming strong and powerful. As our astral bodies activate, we become more sensitive to the frequencies of those around us. Spotting a mismatch between the vibration of another person’s aura and their word of mouth, has never been easier.

As July arrives and the veil is removed from the fourth dimension of existence, those of you who are aware of your psychic abilities will experience a leap in your powers. Many who had no idea of the extra dimension will come to know of their superpowers.

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Look into the Future:

One of the powers that would magnify is your precognition. It is the ability to look into the future before it has unfolded. You will finally be able to make sense of why you are more prone to Deja vue than others.

Feel the Vibration of Others:

With your power of clair-cognizance, your sensitivity to intuitive knowledge is also enhanced. Your astral body becomes more sensitive to the aura of those around you, forging connections through tiny tendrils with their energy fields.

As a result, you will be able to decode that their vibrations are in a mismatch with what they claim as the whole truth.

Society teaches us to operate out of fear and not the wholesome honesty of the soul. These fear-based actions teach us to conceal the truth or lie in order to protect the feelings of others.

But the inherent tension between what you communicate and the truth that the vibration of your soul betrays only sends a vibe of confusion and conflict to your loved ones. Some people are caught up in the snares of their ego-based fear-driven thoughts. They do not even recognize the lack of transparency in their lives.

If you point out this discrepancy to them, it would trigger more ego-based efforts to cover-up and deny the conflict. They would desperately try to clean themselves from charges of dishonesty.

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Ask Higher Guidance:

Instead, when you spot a conflict in your energy pattern, seek answers from your higher self. Ask it to send inspiration through dreams and your life-process.

Notice the energy-cues you receive as your day unfolds. A smooth day indicates that your ego is in harmony with your higher soul.

If you are facing obstacles, look deeper. For they are bringing to the front aspects of your life which are not in harmony with the spiritual programming of your soul.

Connect them to their Auras:

Operating from the level of soul, a person manifests only positive vibrations. Only when fear governs their thought and actions, creating disharmony and conflict, the heart is detached from the higher frequencies of the soul. It is then that people manifest energies that are hurtful.

You can either choose to be their teacher, helping them tide over this mismatch and connect with their soul, or you can step aside and let the universe send another teacher.

Learn to Forgive:

Emotionally distancing yourself from those with fear-based energies is helpful, since there is a risk of you being sucked into their lower vibrations if your own aura is not in balance.

Before you realize, you would be trapped in a web of ego-led arguments, or doubt your own emotional transparency. Or, you might fall prey to new fear-led inhibitions about whether you can trust such a dishonest person.

This process might actually be beneficial for you since you need to forego all your fears, heal your wounds and let go. Forgiveness is the key to the 5D world free of deception and lies, where everybody will be in harmony with the integrity of the higher self.

So, open yourself to your fourth dimension, study your aura to read your energies and unlock the gates to a transparent world.

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