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What Uranus In Retrograde Means For You

By Souls of Silver

Yet another planet has already gone in reverse mode, even before Mars has ended its retrograde. 7th of August, Uranus left for its retrograde journey which will continue till early next year, ending on 6th January, 2019.

Her journey may be unfolding billions of miles away from us, but we, the adorers of astrology know that every celestial event leaves a profound impact on our lives. So, read on to find out what Uranus in its back-gear, brings to us.

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Aspects With Other Planets

The backwards journey of Uranus is bound to usher in some trouble with finance and romance, and its conjunction with other planets will not help either.

A particularly worrisome combination is the square formed by Venus and Saturn as well as the square aspect of Mars and Uranus.

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Venus and Saturn in Square

The conjunction of Venus and Saturn in square does not bode well for money. Your bank balance might take a dip; you might just end up spending more than your paycheck allows for.

Things won’t be rosy on the relationship front either. You might feel that there is trouble in paradise. Your partner might seem to be drifting away, or simply may not be there the way you would want him to.

When you are depressed and disheartened, it will help to remember that you can win over by leaving your fears and expectations behind.

There will be an urge to be indolent and lazy. Instead, you need to keep working on your relationship and career, if not for yourself, then certainly to meet the needs others have of you.

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Mars In Square With Uranus

The situation is only worsened by Mars standing in square to Uranus. It will make your blood boil more than ever; patience, the much-needed friend in these testing times, might not be your cup of tea.

Brace yourself in advance for some impulsive decisions you might end up making; for you might not have too much of thought to spare, thanks to the havoc, the planets are wrecking with your mood.

However, these conjunctions are unlocking tremendous energies. Do not stop trusting your instinct and hold on to the little bit of optimism in your heart. This is the time to leave out fears of criticism and unleash your creativity.

All’s not lost. Two planetary trines might just save the day for us. These are formed by Venus and Mars, and Saturn and Uranus on the other hand.

There’s always light at the end of the Milky Way!



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