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Soulmates v/s Twin Flames: Explore The Difference

By Souls of Silver

Any single thing can have so many different meanings when we are speaking about love and relationships. We always approach these subjects according to our interpretation of it. In fact, there is nothing absolute when it comes to love and its related terrain.

The individual has the final verdict in matters of their perception of love. This is specifically true with regard to concepts like soulmates or twin flames.

Let’s say your friend comes to you and describes their idea of a perfect soulmate. In all probability, the image of your friend’s soulmate would be completely different from that of yours.

Whenever we try to communicate with any person, we actually try to connect with their inner energies. While doing so, we hope that the person would interact with this connection and incorporate them into their realities.

The concept of twin flames is a culmination of many other fragmented concepts. Out of these, many have striking similarities with many mythological concepts about the deities.

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It’s a common practice to confuse the two concepts – soulmates and twin flames. However, the two are not exactly the same thing. They have much essential difference between themselves.

How Are The Two Different?

At its core, the difference between the two is basically a difference in the way we perceive them. Also, it is an effect of the energy that we create in the process.

Basically, your soulmate is someone with whom you share your soul. It’s like you have one half and your soulmate has the other half. Without one another, you are incomplete and imperfect.

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s pretty romantic and that is precisely why so many people believe in that.

A sort of evolved version of this concept is the idea of twin flames. This comparatively recent trend has evolved through a complex history from horoscope predictions to certain vibrational connection processes.

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The essential idea behind twin flames is that we start with a white screen and eventually project images on it from our experiences.

Probably, you realize that we are subjects of our habits and anyone who has a similar realization may well be your twin flame. You both understand that we are driven by our natural ego and we create our own images. We even strive to transform these images into reality.

Contrary to the idea of the soulmate, it does not leave anything to chance and recognizes that it’s all about transformations.

Twin flames attempt at striking the perfect balance between the collective consciousness of the past, present, and future.

“Vibrational Synchronicity”

Here, vibrational refers to your inner energy which must be synchronized with that of your twin flame. This energy is the string that binds you through the flow of time.

Exploring the light within you is the key to healing and it’s the same for your twin-flame. When you both shine by that light, then it’s a perfect twin flame union.

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Such a union transcends the boundaries set by the physicality of the material world. In its light, you realize that you belong in the universe and the universe belongs in you.

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