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Jupiter Square Neptune On 13th Jan: Find Out Its Hidden Implications

By Souls of Silver

On 13th January 2019, Jupiter will square Neptune. It is a wonderful time especially for pursuing your dreams and ambitions. Generally, we don’t have enough motivation when it comes to our ambitions, but when Jupiter squares Neptune, we will be infused with a special optimistic energy of this planetary alignment. However, it can make us a bit more optimistic that usual. This special alignment brings reality back to us, if we have strayed from it for long.

A Wave Of Optimism

Jupiter square Neptune is just the push we need for our creative explorations. If we are talented in something, it is necessary to be optimistic about it and this aspect infuses us with this level of optimism. But don’t think that the planets will do your work for you – every creative endeavor requires a lot of hard work. At least when Jupiter square Neptune, you will have the motivation to do the needed hard work.

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Optimism is great, but over-optimism can lead you to a line of escapism. Don’t enter into the toxic circle of drugs. Channel this optimistic energy into something productive. In the early stages, you will be pushed towards the direction of your chosen field and you may make a huge mark in it. But, you will come to realize that you cannot take shortcuts to achieve your goals and that will make your journey difficult but fulfilling. Keep the faith strong within you.

Becoming An Inspiration

With the Jupiter being squared by Neptune, the optimism within you will be contagious. People will come to you and take a part of this inner energy to make their lives better. Even as you work towards your goal and question yourself, you will grow with the positive energy that you harness inside you. Whatever you do would be a manifestation of your expectations and your dreams.

A Smack Of Reality

When the transit of Jupiter squaring Neptune will be taking place, it will result in your faith getting tested. You may have been a dreamer, living in your idealistic paradise, but with this transit, reality will dawn on you. It won’t be pleasant, but trust me, it is a necessary step. You may be inclined to idealize people, maybe find an epitome of perfection in your romantic partner. If so, it’s time to be wise and judge things from an objective perspective unless you want reality coming as a terrible wake-up call and breaking apart all your illusions.

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It’s not the greatest period to be very optimistic about your place in life. It is okay to trust, but you can often be led toward delusion. Don’t give someone else the power to misuse your trust. In this transit where Jupiter is squaring Neptune, do not enter into any risky endeavors. Indulgences like gambling and self-acclaimed gurus may look attractive at this moment, but it’s your overly optimistic side that’s leading you on. You might be feeling a bit paranoid, but follow the advice of your close friends and family and you can sail past without a problem.

Jupiter square Neptune is one of the necessary planetary alignments if you are a dreamer. It aligns you with reality and helps you push on towards your goals. Just be careful with your life and make things happen. Best of luck!

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