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Listen To The Sunflowers Sing: Woman Captures The Sound Of Sunflower

By Souls of Silver

Earth is a unique planet. It is the only celestial body present in the universe, on which life exists. Furthermore, it has different life forms, which exist cordially with each other. The incredible way in which everything has been assigned their space and work on this planet is just inexplicable. After all, when we get to know more about the nature in detail, it always takes us by surprise.

When the renowned scientist- Jagadish Chandra Bose discovered in 1900s, that the plants too have life, it was an amazing and shocking news for a common man. Bose was able to prove his discovery through various scientific instruments (which he invested himself) through which he used to measure electrical responses form the plants. It was very hard to swallow that even a small sapling can laugh, and a huge tree can cry. No doubt, they do not act like human beings, however, it is already proven that they have feelings and emotions as much as the humans do.

Now, we have a new observation in the 21st century, recently, by a woman who has recorded the sound of the sunflowers with the help of a microphone and her mobile phone. She has the flowers growing in her backyard where she first observed the unusual sound coming from the flowers, as if they were trying to communicate with each other. Technically, it sounds like a high pitched radio wave vibration. She has posted the video of the recording on her Facebook page, and in few hours that video went viral with millions of views. The reason behind it is quite clear. We have the vibration of the flowers which seems like a sound coming from altogether different realm. The substance of the recording is not just a hoax but has been confirmed by a research conducted by The University of Western Australia. The researchers of the varsity discovered that the roots of the corn saplings were able to produce some kind of “clicking sound”. With this study of the varsity you can rely upon the video posted by the woman, and enjoy the sound never heard before.

We already knew that the plants are responsive to the stimuli like light, touch, darkness, wind, sound, etc., however we were not aware of the fact that they can even produce their own sound. That’s new! Isn’t it? The plants or the trees are able to produce sound or vibration to beware their community of the upcoming danger or problems. Of course, they do not do it in the way humans do, i.e. by talking in words. They do not use sentences to make other plants aware of the imminent threats, nonetheless they have their own linguistics, i.e. varieties of sounds or vibrations. For another instance, there was a recorded observation where the observant confirmed that the plants use chemical reaction too to communicate. A video somewhere shows a plant getting some kind of light or glow (like infrared rays) spreading throughout its part. This happened when a bug started eating a leaf from that plant. So, you can notice that the plants have discovered their unique ways to protect themselves as well as their surrounding buddies.

We have them in our garden as decorative items. They supplement the aesthetic beauty to our surrounding. And now that we know that they talk to each other it fills us with an amazing feelings regarding them.

So it is proven now! Sunflowers communicate with each other. The sound they produce is indeed from another dimension, so eerie yet melodious in its own way. Again, we get a reason to take care of the little saplings around us, as now we know for sure that they can talk out their sorrow too.



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