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Venus Retrograde: Should We Be Intimidated?

By Souls of Silver

There are times when everything seems to be going out of your control. In such situations, you need to stop wondering and try looking at things like a stargazer, because it maybe repercussions of a planet retrograde, which basically implies a planet going backwards in motion with its power decreasing subsequently.

Only recently we have suffered from the Mercury retrograde which had affected our thinking and communicating abilities and then Mars had also gone into retrograde affecting our decision making ability. And now we have to bear the blow of the Venus retrograde. It going to last from October 5th to November 15th.

Let us read below to know how scared should we be of the Venus retrograde?

Venus Retrograde: Its meaning

Venus retrograde is like every other retrograde where the planet’s powers are going to decrease for a particular period of time. Astrologically, Venus is the ruler of all our material possessions, love and beauty, basically all those things that we adore the most. What does that imply? That we may fail to acquire what we desire and cannot find love during this retrograde period?

Need not worry, we will all be fine. Venus retrograde actually makes us question our ways of approaching all the things that we already have. It makes us probe the already available stock of our favourite things and lets us make sure it is working out for us. It actually gives us time to think about the value of relationships and other material possessions that we already possess.


During this time period, it is advisable to:

  • Clear up your closets and segregate all the stuff which you find suitable for selling and making money. The basic objective of this task is to add on the wealth that you already own.
  • If you have been thinking of renovating a corner of your house or redecorating your bedroom, go ahead with it. If you want to do away with your boredom, consider changing the paint of the walls or engage yourself in an activity that you have been desiring to do from a long time.
  • Scan your investments, do not try to alter your strategies or introduce a new plan, and monitor the process to make it advance and stream upwards. If you have not invested anything, ponder on new investment schemes and you can do it right away.
  • You can recycle and redesign your fancy costumes and previous Halloween dress because there are still many friends who are yet to see you in that.
  • Read more and more and evaluate your fundamental thought process and be more open to criticism. Try to accept diverse view points.


There are things that need to be avoided during the Venus retrograde:

  • You may have desired some changes about yourself from quite some time but now is not the right time to proceed with it.
  • Do not experiment with your hair, the consequences can be drastic. You can opt for a trim though.
  • Instead of spending so much, try saving as much as you can, you can always utilise these savings after the Venus retrograde period gets over.
  • When your exes try to talk to you, simply ignore them during this period.
  • Push any reconciliation agreements and talks, you may have good intentions but now the time is not right. Wait for November 15th, and then you can resume fresh talks.


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