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Karma Secrets – What It Actually Means

By Souls of Silver

The word Karma is very common in people’s conversations nowadays. However, the basic concept of Karma and its secrets is not known to many of those.

Karma rests on the course of actions taken by a person, and the effect that is created by it. It’s a cause-effect relationship. Something that shall eventually come back to them as a result of actions. Here are certain Karma secrets:

1. The smallest of actions make all the differences.

The intention of a person means more than they realize. Karma rests on every small deliberate action made by a person. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it matters.

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2. The road of improvement never ends.

The goodness of a person is only determined by the actions they take, and there is simply no end to how much a person can do good. A person’s Karma will be as good as their actions are. And you always have room for improvement.

3. Punishment is not the guiding motive behind Karma.

The course of a person’s Karma rests entirely upon the type of actions they indulge in. They are ultimately the real guiding forces behind the nature of their Karma. Karma can definitely be positive if their actions are such. Do not think of the punishments – think of the reward.

4. There is no one unaffected by the forces of Karma.

Nobody can escape the grip of Karma. Even when a person thinks they have been unaffected by Karma so far, they are simply wrong. That’s because karma works in its own mysterious ways.

5. The nature of our Karma can easily be modified.

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Hence, in a similar way, a person’s Karma can be changed if enough hard work towards good is put behind it.

6. The reason behind our Karma being the way is the way it depends on us.

If Karma turns nasty on us, it is actually because of our actions that have resulted in such a harsh reaction from the universe. Whatever happens, it is always our actions, our intent and our decisions that pave the road of the course our Karma will take.

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7. Karma is truly and absolutely unavoidable, and there is nothing that it does not see.

Karma bites back the way the person behaves. There is no dishonest act that can elude the eyes of Karma. In a way, Karma is omnipresent.

8. Karma can be cleansed.

The process of cleansing one’s Karma is not as difficult as it may seem. It all starts with simple acts of goodness and gratitude. The strong forces of Karma can take care of the rest. Every little step taken towards bettering the self always can undoubtedly attract good Karma.

9. The good the Karma, the better the world is.

Attracting good Karma may take a lot of hard work, but it is the end result that truly matters. The goodness of a person truly brings in its worth of difference. Hence, life becomes comparatively easier and definitely more beautiful. There comes a distinctive change to the actions taking place around you, and the people around start noticing your worth, and all that you are.

So, engage in some good karma. Let karma reward you.

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