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This Hour Of Gemini Let Loose And Go On An Adventure

By Souls of Silver

Known for their charm and charisma, Gemini are almost bursting with kindred spirit energy and thus they really need a partner who complements them. As a Gemini your energy is going to be volatile and you might end up fighting just for the sake of it; so don’t stick to anything for too long. Keep conversations light and stay busy with your life.

The Sun entered Gemini on May 21st and you’re going to feel a surge of energy. This is a time of curiosity and communication and this will set you off on a journey of exploration. Don’t be afraid to question things because that’s the only way you’ll understand what is in store for you this month.

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Extroverts who can adapt to any situation, just like the wind that the sign represents, Gemini are mercurial and their thinking can change at the drop of a hat. People might assume that they are being hypocritical but the truth is that they’re just curious people who lose interest in things quicker than others.

Now that the time of stable, anchored Taurus is coming to an end, the influence of Gemini is shifting our focus to finding the right person. The ambition that Taurus gave us has helped us turn some dreams into reality. Gemini Season is now pushing us towards partnership so that we can find others who will help us progress further.

So How Can You Use Gemini’s Power To The Fullest Till The 21st Of June

1. Team Up

Even if you’re not consciously thinking about relationships, you’ll be drawn to them and this implies not just romantic relationships but regular partnerships as well. Gemini pushes us to find all kinds of people who can complement us but don’t let that fool you into becoming too dependent on them. Learn to be an active listener so that your intimacy with the other person grows.

2. Let Out Your Inner Matchmaker

There’s nothing in the world quite like seeing two people you’ve introduced to each other hitting it off. Don’t be afraid to connect people this month. Be public about your appreciation for others and help out those who are truly willing to work.

3. Don’t Hold It In

Their legendary wit and sense of humour is the secret behind Gemini’s popularity. Its influence can sometimes make you go too far, so don’t try to complicate matters. Get a friend you trust to listen to you when you need to vent and listen to their opinions carefully as well.

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4. Be Part Of The World

Go out and find a new adventure in your own neighbourhood. Contribute to its life and culture as much as you can. Get chummy with your neighbours, attend local events, and make that synergy grow. This is how lasting relationships are made and you won’t regret any of it.

5. Spruce Up Your Ride

Mercury is the God of transport as well as the ruler of Gemini. Use this opportunity to jazz up your ride or get a new one. Even if you’re just walking, get yourself some super trendy and super comfy shoes to take you around.

6. Exercise The Mind

Immerse yourself in knowledge using whatever resources you have. Your curiosity will be at its peak this month so feed it with books, movies, documentaries, and seminars. If you’re someone who travels a lot, make sure you have plenty of stuff to read on your Kindle or audiobooks that you can listen to.

So, make the most out of Gemini season.

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