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Find Out What Are The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs?

By Souls of Silver

The zodiac signs are all very unique in their own ways. They tell us a lot about our personality and character. But there are certain qualities which sometimes determine our entire perspective about them. Let’s look at the most dangerous zodiac signs:

The Signs Ranked From Lowest to Highest Rate of Dangerousness:


The unpredictability of this sign often leaves a lot to wonder. However, underestimating them in any way is always a bad decision as there is no limit that they cannot cross when they’re being challenged.


The sheer intensity of Cancer’s nature leads them to become stalkerish. Breaking off ties with them might cost the other person both emotionally and mentally, more than what they’d ever expected.

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Taurus is known for its unsettling stubbornness. Their bullish nature drives people the wrong way, and it is always a terrible decision to question or challenge their willingness to do something. They will do it with you or without you.


Virgo can easily turn off their emotions and appear almost like a sociopath feeling no emotions and always appearing hostile and walled-off. Their cold, broody nature may give out extremely dangerous vibes making the other person trying to get away as far as possible.


There is nothing a Sagittarius will not say once they become cross. This harshness and unfiltered nature of theirs come off as too brash and crude. Lying and being manipulative is also one of their expert traits.


Libra has a terrible tendency to bring down the other people around them when they are going down. They’re experts at playing the blame game and the things they say come off more as a shock than surprise.


The charm of a Leo is more often than not, irresistible, and it is by that charm that they make the other person do things on their wish. The manipulative prowess of a Leo is truly remarkable and there is simply no conversation that can go without a Leo winning. If not, a horrible backlash from Leo waits for the other person.


The biggest pet peeve of Aries is being told what to do and how to go on about their work. There is simply nothing more than that what they dislike. And often times, this leads to extremely unforgiving behavior from their side.


Breaking hearts is simply a Scorpio’s forte. And there’s nothing that can ever stop a Scorpio from doing so. Not very dangerous compared to the rest, but still emotionally distressing.


Capricorns are usually more in touch with their effortlessly positive side, but when pissed off, their manipulative natures come to light.


Pretty easy-going than the rest of the signs, Pisces’ only drawback being their hot-headedness. Otherwise, they pose no real danger to the people around them.

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Aquarius is more level-headed and in touch with their inner emotions than any of the other signs, and this lands them on the last on the list of the most dangerous zodiac signs.

So, which of these dangerous zodiac signs are you?

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