Indigo Children Suffer From ADHD and ADD, According To Psychologists


By Souls of Silver

In a bizarre twist, a large number of medical practitioners have completely dissed the historically prevalent ADHD diagnoses which correlated it with social and behavioral problems that affected one’s health. Instead, they have sided with parents who believed their children had supernatural powers.

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But how does one judge that? Let’s see the behavior of Indigo Children first.
1. Their birth coincides with the knowledge that they are unique, and should be valued.
2. Their birth is an event that has manifold consequences on the world we live in, and that is something they expect us to understand too.
3. They know what their worth is.
4. They don’t like being in shackles throughout their prepubescent or teenage years, and their educational system is a testament to that.
5. Indigo children don’t fit the bill when it comes to strict adherence of laws and rules. They believe that everything should be flexible enough and that they should not be stuck in fixed hierarchies.
6. They prefer silence and solitude, unless around other indigo children.
7. You can’t scare them with usual tactics of a ‘terrifying father figure’.
8. One needs to ensure that their personal needs are met.
Now, what are the characteristics of Indigo children? If one knew their behavior and their characteristics, getting to know them as an ADHD patient would make the diagnosis easy.

1. Born after 1978
2. Extremely determined
3. Adamant
4. A flair for music, poetry, or jewelry
5. Succumbs to addictions
6. Young body, old soul
7. Psychic and possessing intuition, with the ability to see the dead.
8. Helper.
9. Can get bored fast.
10. Prone to ADHD and ADD
11. Can be prone to insomnia, sleep paralysis, or apnea
12. Suicidal and depressed
13. Seek long-lasting and true friendships, that stand the test of time
14. Have a green thumb, or can be an animal whisperer
15. Their pride and independence conflicts with their need for money.
16. Solitude, and isolation – true friends of yours. Usually through your own actions.

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If you have 14 of these, you are an indigo child. If you have around 11 to 13 of these, you might be an indigo in training. And if you are an adult, you could very well be a lightworker.
If you have ADHD and show these signs of an indigo child, then share it with friends and family and spread the good news.

If you have ADHD and show these signs of an indigo child, then share it with friends and family and spread the good news.


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