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Unconditional Love Is All About Acceptance And Not About Changing Your Partner

By Souls of Silver

Flaws aren’t that glaring when anyone is in love. You don’t actively try to find those faults and vices as you simply accept your loved ones as they come, for their flaws are a part of who they are. It is a part of what they can be. No one is perfect, and when you are in love, you realize that their imperfections make them perfect.

We have all been accused of projecting the idea of who we love onto the person we claim to love. We had a fairy tale in mind that didn’t coincide with what was real, and after the castles fell crashing to the Earth, we realized that we had been mistaken all along, and never really loved them to begin with. Then starts the blame game.

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See, it is impossible to change a human being. It is impossible to even try controlling them to the point that they change a very intrinsic feature or aspect about them. They know who they are, and if the tables were turned on you, you wouldn’t want them to change you either.

Stop looking for the perfect person, look for the perfect relationship. Instead of trying to change your lover into a facsimile of their favorite Hollywood actor, try changing your relationship into something that would benefit both of you.

Instead of changing a human being, help them and yourself in changing both.

As they say, charity begins at home. Similarly, the kind of love you expect to receive can only be received if you gave it out the same way.

It is inevitable, that after some time, when you are neck deep in love with your partner, you would want to change yourself. Be the best version of yourself to them, because you feel they deserve it. But, you need to realize the most important part in this- the change needs to be voluntary. You can’t be forced into it, and neither should you do it to please someone.

Do it, because you feel that it is important.

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Trust each other enough, to know that neither of you is faking it. Don’t put masks to hide the reality of who you are. Show it to the world, and show it to your world. If you hide, or pretend to be someone you are not, you simply destroy any chance of love that could blossom.

To conclude, all one can expect in unconditional love, is to be true to themselves, and give themselves completely to love.

And you will receive it, in bountiful.

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