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Mercury Retrograde In Leo & Cancer: Emotions Go Haywire

By Souls of Silver

Retrogrades are times when our zodiacs come at the receiving end of intense energy. They are times when planets appear to go away from the Earth, but those are just appearances. They’re not actually further away. The retrograde of Mercury is a fairly common occurrence and happens 3 or even 4 times a year and they are usually present for a few weeks although this once, it is in Leo, and Cancer. This brings forth a period of shadows and storms.

The period of shadows commences during the time the planet goes direct. When the planet reached the Zodiac retrograde point, it ends. It is after this period, the storm takes hold where it moves slowly; as slowly as 40 minutes each day.

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This is the time when the effects of it can be felt. Being a fast planet, Mercury does not appreciate slowing down. Usually, retrogrades contain two periods of storm and then a direct one.

During this specific period of time though, the retrograde occurs in Leo and as plenty would know, drama has to ensue. Drawing conclusions and exaggerating is a pretty Leo trait and drawing attention to oneself is a no-brainer for a Leo.

Love and control, even though somewhat contradictory are two things a Leo adores. So you will find these two creep into your life pretty often.

Playing around is yet another notorious trait of Leo, so it is difficult to ascertain who or what you would fall in love with. It might be something we love to spend time doing or it could just be a vacation. Creativity is an important part of being a Leo, so don’t suppress it.

The retrograde will begin on July 7th at about 1900hrs ET and will conclude on July 31st at 2358 ET. The period of shadows will be from June 23rd to August 15th. The 1st period of the storm will be from June 29th to July 19th, while the 2nd period of the storm will be from July 23rd to August 7th.

The cosmic phenomenon starts taking place at 4º Leo, hence, it should come as no surprise that Leo who has birthdays between July 25th to 30th will feel the strongest impact of the same. The retrograde will conclude itself at 23º Cancer, hence, Cancerian birthdates between July 13th to 19th will feel the most intense energy.

The heavenly body of Mercury will also retrograde into Cancer on July 19th. Since we know Cancer is full of emotions, brace yourself for an emotional roller-coaster. Do not let external factors pull you down and try to find solace within the family.

It’s entirely possible that you might feel insecure, just understand that this is alright. Control your urge to lash out and adapt to the given circumstances. You will have the help of your family.

Mercury will be on the opposite side of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th. So the emotions in your life will spike upwards during this time. Cancer and Capricorn must strike a balance for this period of time.

The Mercury retrograde will bring forth three key aspects. July 8th will bring forth conjunction with the planet of Mars which will be in transit. This shall bring forth surges of impatient and reckless energy. In addition to all of these complications, the retrograde shall make a solid aspect along with the movement of Uranus through Taurus. This alignment compels us to be cautious and careful.

The Sun will make a conjunction with Mercury on July 21st, but it isn’t a significant one. But it is still true that you will be presented with an opportunity to focus on a new thing for 6 weeks-ish. There will also be a presence of a compromising and balancing energy. It will be due to the Venus in Cancer conjunction with the Mercury retrograde. However, be careful as there is also a likelihood of accidents. Also, Cancer being all about motherland and home does not help matters, does it?

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The critical degree that Mercury will stand at on July 23rd to the 25th will account for a few energy fluctuations. July 19th to 20th will let Mercury run wild and let the last lot of energy flow out.

Well, now that you are armed with all this information, we sure hope you can make the very best use of it and be ready to face it everything that comes your way.

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