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Do You Know How Mature Is Your Soul?

By Souls of Silver

Existence is not a one-shot event. We die, we move to the next world, and then we come back – reborn. But not everything that we have experienced in our previous life gets lost that easily. There are many things that we retain in our next life and that is what results in the maturity of our soul. It depends on how many previous births we have had. On the basis of how mature our soul is, we can perceive the world differently and then judge it accordingly. It also defines our personality style. Thus, on this, we can identify 5 maturity levels:

Infant Soul

This is the first level of the maturity of our soul. We are playful during this period just like infants. Our energy is raw and untamed, but even then, we know that we should not let it get out of our control. As a result, we try to be cautious and move accordingly. We don’t want to be scolded by other people that easily.

Baby Soul

You have grown in life and now you have entered a point where your energy is no longer untamed. You have been able to discipline it and that’s how you see the world as of now. The energy within you leans towards the traditional side and you are attracted to it. You like to follow certain rules as it gives more sense to the world around you.

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Young Soul

When you are young, you are filled with lots of ambition. You want to make things happen. There are a lot of things to achieve in the world and you have the ambition to go and do it. Also, you do not like to be part of a crowd anymore. Rather, you want to be free to make your own choices and accept whatever consequences they might bring. As a young soul, you are an individual and you come up with innovative ways to deal with life as it is.

Mature Soul

When you have already lived life for quite a number of times, you may have a matured perspective towards it. As a matured person, you would often like to look inside yourself and think about the world. You are sensitive and so, you are generally someone who likes to avoid watching the news. Often, tragedies will make you feel terrible and you would end up being a bit neurotic when such tragedies occur. Safe spaces are great for you but you know that reality can’t be avoided that easily.

Old Soul

An old soul is someone who has come to this earth quite often and has matured along the way. They are very spiritual and they are connected with nature. They know human beings as a whole and so, they are empathetic towards them. Kind and wise, they have the power to lead humanity to greater heights. Because of their underlying empathy, they can be great humanitarians too.

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So, how mature is your soul?

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