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Venus Neptune Alignment: An Escape Into Fantasy

By Souls of Silver

Get ready to put on your romantic glasses on. This 10th April, Venus and Neptune are aligning with each other. This alignment is happening in dreamy Pisces so get ready to put your head in the clouds. The Venus Neptune alignment takes place once every year and this is exactly the time when your fantasies start to take over reality. Possibilities start to emerge and due to the optimism of these signs, you will feel like they are all achievable. It would almost feel perfect. But you should keep your wits about yourself. Remember that even AI has not yet been perfected. So, don’t let your hopes get too high during this period.

Get Creative

If you happen to be creative, then this alignment is one of the best that you can have. Tap into your creative side and let the fantastical energy empower you towards achieving your art. So, get your brushes or pen ready and start scribbling in your notebook or canvass. Let your masterpiece come through. But if you are someone who really wants to go forward in career though some practical route, then beware of this alignment. Tone down your fantastical side and think of every element from the realistic perspective. Grab the opportunities which you believe will have a positive effect on your career.

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Jupiter Retrograde

If you want more reasons for toning down your fantastical side, then be aware of the Jupiter retrograde. Jupiter likes to deal with truth and it is getting out of retrograde on the 11th of August. Since 8 November, Jupiter had been in Sagittarius and has given us all the allowance to take risks and progress further. Jupiter in general is quite expansive and it helps you to expand your mind and make new knowledge come in and nest in your mind. Now when it is going retrograde in its home sign, Sagittarius, it will be time for us to judge how much we have actually progressed. If you had romanticized your life during the Venus Neptune square on the 10th and bragged about it, then outspoken Jupiter will bring out the truth. That will a terrible blow on the side of your relationships. However sometimes, you may have committed a mistake in assessing your life goals and your progress. Maybe you missed the mark. Well, don’t get depressed about it. This is the time for you to go back and start planning out again. Start by becoming an expert. You can learn something for your fellow Sagittarians. They have such a thirst of knowledge that they are always digging though books. Join workshops and go for seminars – make things happen. You have the ability to do so. Get skills under your belt and you can conquer your dreams.

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Make something happen in your life during this period. Assess yourself better and go for it. Remember, you are capable of greatness. All you need to do is believe in yourself.

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