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Did You Know That Cats Are Our Biggest Guardian Against Evil

By Souls of Silver

An awe-inspiring powerful animal

The energy radiating from the cat is so powerful that it protects the cat as well as the place he marks as his and the family he chooses to adopt.

Thus, when your cat is rubbing himself on you, he’s not doing it just because he wants treats; he is also giving you some of his power, his magic if you will. If you simply move and tell the cat to go away, you’re missing out on the magic that the cat would have shared with you. He won’t come back to try again and he might even absorb some of your own power later.  Powerful protects against negative presences, cats can only banish anything evil entities that live in your house without your knowledge. This is most important for those who are shifting into a house that has already been lived in or a house that has experienced some tragedy.

Ghostly beings and negative presences!

If a cat realizes that there is another entity in his territory, he’ll shadow it for some time to find out what it intends to do. If the being is a threat, the cat will do its best to chase it away by displacing her energy field. Or, the cat will capture the being in her field and take it elsewhere. Many cultures have art work that shows negative entities riding or flying on cats.

Watch your cat closely and pay attention if there is one corner of the house she keeps frequenting. She’ll be tensed and she will look like she’s something that you cannot. You can assist her by praying in that area or performing rites of purification there. If nothing else, you can set alight a little white sage.

The aura of the cat is so powerful that it has no trouble banishing any evil spirits. This is why medium don’t let cats enter the room wherein they are trying to communicate with spirits as they will be frightened away. But there are times when the cat is very much needed during these rituals.

Keeping a cat in your home

If there is anybody who wishes to curse you or just has negative thoughts about you, the cat will be able to guard you against time. When it comes to protection against the evil eye, or even if you’re just with someone you think wishes you ill, with your left hand, caress your cat’s neck, with your right hand, stroke her tail. This will put you in touch with your cat and your auras will combine into a powerful shield to protect you from the most evil of assaults.

Cats are also imbued with the energies of the cosmos and the energy they bring is always beneficial. Families with cats will be happy and prosperous. They like residing where there are strong energies such as geopathogenic zones. These areas usually have some negative energy flow or water flowing below ground.

Many people from Russia, whenever they shift houses, will first send a cat inside their new house. In a house that has been lived in already, the cat will be able to banish any evil presences left over that might wish you harm. In an unlived house, the cat will ask for a ‘ransom’ for the transformation in the energy of the place that it provides.


One of the best uses of the magic that is inherent in cats is using it to heal. Any species of cat, no matter what it looks like, has the power to heal and often help their owners by spreading out exactly where they are sore. Just petting your cat when you are feeling low will help relieve you from the physical and mental fatigue you might be feeling. For those with poor eye sight, healers would recommend stroking the tail of a white cat.

Regarding the psychological impact of cats, those with inherent structural and facial traits are much more magically powerful than all the rest.

The cat you never knew you needed

If you’re looking to harness the magic of a cat, you must first lean which one is best for you. There will be times when you’ll require a black cat and other instances when you need a ginger one. If you wish to use one for a ritual, it is essential that you take the color of the cat into consideration.


For witches who seek to harness mysterious powers and powerful wards, black cats will banish all the negativity in their territory and bless you with knowledge and clarity.


These cats represent the masculine moon, the burning sun and Yang. They signify prosperity and concentration.

Blue (gray):

Bringers of joy, fortune and balance, these are the cats you need to help you find peace.


Combined with the energy of white cats, you can harness the power of the moon and channel it into those you wish to heal. Your positive aura will uplift those around you.


True cat royalty, these cats are the same shade as Siamese temples and they are careful to protect their hue. They bless their owners with popularity, good health and in harnessing the power of the sun.

Calico (Cat of three colors)

If colorpoint cats are royalty, these cats are cat divinity. The white in their pelt represents maidenhood, the red represents parenthood and the black signifies magical powers. Closely related to the three faces of the goddess, these cats bring fortune and joy no matter where you go.


You will never need pest control to get rid of rodents if you have a cat of two shades. They will make you more energetic, wise and practical.


Only female cats are of this shade and so they help those women who practice magic and all that is associated with it.


Another cat of the temple, they are always ready to play but they carry themselves with great dignity and poise. They make their owners wiser and more connected with the sun.


All smiles, these cats will bring you cheer no matter how tough times may be.

Now that you know about the spiritual strength of cats, please share this article with your friends and families to spread the fact that cats are not jealous and selfish creatures; instead they possess secret powers to change lives.



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