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A 10 Minute Journey Of Self-healing To Reach Perfect Health By Ayurveda

By Souls of Silver

India boasts of one of the oldest medicinal systems in the world, Ayurveda. Still in practice today, many students have chosen to study it over modern medicine even at the university level.

Officially recognized and recommended by the WHO in 1977, Ayurveda teaches that to maintain good health, one’s mind, body and soul must be in harmony with each other and with the universe.

Practitioners work to keep three dosha or bioregulators found in the body in perfect sync with each other. The three are ‘pitta’ connected to metabolism, ‘kapha’ to strength and ‘vatta’ to breathing.

All of us can practice the self-healing that Ayurveda preaches by following this easy 10 minute routine every day.

When you wake up – 6 minutes:

  • Cleanse your tongue – 30 seconds

While organs like the liver and kidney cleanse the body of anything harmful that has been ingested, some toxins and sediments stay secreted on the tongue, preventing energy from entering the body.

Use a tongue cleaner or a toothbrush to scrape off any impurities on the tongue once you finish brushing.

  • The secret of sesame oil – 2 minutes

Rinse out your mouth with some sesame oil before rinsing it with warm water. It contains linoleic acid which prevents the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses which can affect teeth adversely.

  • Give yourself a massage – 3 minutes

Starting from your neck, massage your entire body using gloves, raw silk or a soft brush. This will improve blood circulation and better flow will leave you feeling energized.

Throughout the Day – 2 minutes:

  • Keep you water hot – 30 seconds

Everyday heat half a liter of water till it boils and store it in a flask. Ensure that you drink a sip at least three times every 30 minutes. This removes toxins and improves digestion.

  • Take deep breaths – 2 minutes

Inhale deeply, keep it in for a bit and then exhale. Clear your mind when you do this or if that is not possible, think of things that make you happy. This will relax you and cause endorphins to be released.

For the night – 2 minutes:

  • Better digestion, better dreams – 2 minutes

Massage your stomach with some warm sesame oil, in soft circular clockwise motions. Once you’re done, place a warm, wet towel there and leave it till it cools before wiping off the damp.

This causes the intestines to contract thereby improving digestion. You will be able to sleep well without any of the issues caused by indigestion.

No matter how busy you are, take out 10 minutes of your day to perform these small tasks and you’ll find yourself in perfect physical, mental and spiritual health.

Now that you know everything about self-healing, I hope you have been enlightened. Share this article with your friends and family to spread love. Till the next time, Happy Healing!



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