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How To Make Your Spiritual Journey Effortless

By Souls of Silver

Nothing worthwhile ever comes to us without us having to face any barriers regarding our spiritual journey and that is how it is supposed to be. Every barrier that comes our way is sent to us by the Universe to strengthen us and make us worthy of what we are trying to achieve.

Having said all of that, one also has to remember that sometimes we actually face barriers because we hold ourselves back and make those barriers for ourselves. Following are some ways that we are not letting our souls free and how to overcome those barriers:

1. Limiting yourself  

Sometimes, or most of the times, for some people, we tend to limit ourselves and not recognize our true potential and other times we refuse to look beyond the ordinary and lose ourselves in a short sighted view of the world and its possibilities. The world is vast and beyond just the average and there are times when our insecurities get the better of us and we lose the faith that we have in ourselves, the Universe and God himself. Take a moment to yourself and try to look beyond the ordinary. Challenge yourself and do your best, the sky is your limit, or maybe even beyond- you will not find out until you take a leap of faith.

2. You think you are your job

The world is materialistic and most of us are brought up in a way that we associate our self-worth with the kind of job we have and the amount of money we are making. The downsides of this thought process outweighs any pros. When we think this way, it adds too much importance to something that will not be a part of your life at some point in our lives. It will make us lose sight of life as a whole if we ever lose that job. Our lives hold more value in the Universe than our jobs or what our bank balance is. Life is more than the cheque you receive at the beginning of the month, and its time you stopped making it the centre of your life.

3. You are overly critical of yourself

This point cannot be emphasized enough. There are a million people in the world who will keep talking about how important it is to find and fix your own flaws, but we do not talk about self-acceptance and self-love enough. We tend to forget that we are our own people and at the end of the day we all have flaws and sometimes we cannot change certain things about us even if we try our best. When we keep focussing on our flaws and our shortcomings, we fill our lives with negativity and that dampens our spirit. Our life becomes centred around all the bad things in our life as we forget to cherish the things that are working out in our favour and are making us happy.

4. You have anxiety

Anxiety is something that we often fall victim to in our lives and it is not our fault. Anxiety happens to the best of us but the solution is to learn to cope with it effectively and make sure that it does not hinder our spiritual journey. When things look bleak and dark, remember that you are not alone and life is much more than any rough patch that you might be going through at the moment. The whole of humanity is a big family and you will always have that to fall back on.

5. You take everything personally

Now, let us be real. Life is not always going to be just the way you want it to be. People will not always be kind or nice and there will always be someone or the other who will say something that will hit you where it hurts but you have to learn to take it in your stride and move on, because taking everything personally will only disturb your peace of mind and nothing else. Sometimes you will also come across people who do not recognize when you are uncomfortable and might make insensitive jokes, but it will only set you back if you make your life about that.

6. Guilt

If the knowledge of having hurt someone close to you or having done something wrong pricks you and you feel the need to apologise, go ahead and claim it, but if you are spending your days guilt ridden because of a notion that you might not be living up to others expectations of you, put all that guilt in a bag, tie it up and toss it into the sea. Your life is about you and nothing else, so recognise your freedom and do not be sorry. When you die one day, like we all will, die with the knowledge of having been true to none but yourself. You owe yourself that.

7. Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the leading reasons why most of us do not get their work done on time. It holds us back from reaching our full potential so we have to do ourselves a favour and move ourselves to do the best we can, to fight mediocrity at all costs.

8. Bad company

One of the major factors why we are hindered in our spiritual journey is when we are surrounded by people who bring us down and make us question our self-confidence and self-worth. It is essential that we cut off people who rain on our parade and make us second guess ourselves.

9. You seek approval and cannot get over the past  

You need others to approve of you for you to lead your life. You cannot do things on your own and always need validation. You also have a tendency to hold on to things that are in your past and cannot get over it.

10. Attachments

You are still lost and held back by your attachments to material things in the world. You have to learn to let them go.

11. Bad habits

Having bad habits is another reason you are not completely committed to your spiritual journey. Therefore, embrace the abstract let the positive vibes flow within you freely, steadily.

Now that you know about how to get rid of spiritual toxicities from your life, we hope you feel enlightened. Explore more and share this article with your friends and family. Till then, happy healing.



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