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9 Signs Your Vibrations Are Getting Dangerously Low

By Souls of Silver

Your vibrations play a very important role in determining how you choose to see the world. It is often said that what you send out to the Universe is what will come back to you. If you are someone who always finds faults in everything and has a problem with every solution then maybe that’s just how you’re going to feel all your life, whereas if you have a positive vibe and a zest for life, there are high chances that you will be able to make out of the difficult times without allowing it to shake your faith. Sometimes amidst all the chaos in life, we tend to not realize the kind of vibe we are emitting. Hardships can force us to become negative, hence having an ill effect on our body and mind and even reducing our productivity.

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Today we bring to you 9 signs which suggest that your vibes are getting dangerously low. To find out what these are, continue reading!

Sign 1: Reminiscing about the past

Some scars are indeed deeper than the others and they take more time to completely fade away. But sooner or later you need to understand that you can never move ahead in life if you keep carrying the dead body of your past on your shoulders. We all make mistakes. We all get hurt and it’s ok. It’s not going to last forever.

Sign 2: Blaming others

If you have stopped taking authority of your actions and mistakes, then you should know that you are emitting negative vibes. You can’t keep putting the blame on others and get away with it. Sometimes you need to check the ground on which you are standing. It is only when you realize your mistake that you can correct it.

Sign 3: Victimizing yourself.

You cannot allow people to harm you all the time and lament about it later on. You have to let people know that you wouldn’t allow them to harm you. Stand up for yourself and take charge.

Sign 4: Judging others.

We all are a part of our own journey and everyone is going to through their own hardships. Judging people adds an extra burden on them. So stop judging everyone around you. That won’t help you become a better person.

Sign 5: Mr. / Ms. always right

Every human has their own set of imperfections and so do you. Understand that you can also make mistakes and be at fault. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t ever be wrong. This will only stunt your growth and ruin your relationships with people in your life.

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Sign 6: Being scared

Take a leap of faith. Remember that you are either going to win or learn. There is no losing in life because it’s not a game. Don’t let your fears get the best of you. You are more than that.

Sign 7: Guilt

The only person who can create or ruin you is you. We all make mistakes and you have to stop being hard on yourself for the mistakes that you made. If you think that the damage was huge, then do something to make it better rather than living in guilt.

Sign 8: Not changing

Change is the only constant in life and if you will resist it then you won’t grow. Allow yourself to experience new things.

Signs 9: Allowing others to control you

Words hold a lot of power which is why we should use them wisely. It is important to value people but we shouldn’t give them enough power to rule over us. Don’t let anyone change you according to their will.

Share this article with your family and friends to alert them about being on the right track in order maintain correct vibration frequency. Till then, Happy Healing!



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