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Are You A Heyoka? The Most Powerful Type Of Empath

By Souls of Silver

An empath is a person who has consideration for human emotions and is always willing to go out of his own way to fix things for others. These are the kind of people you want in your life because you know they wouldn’t judge you for your mistakes and will be there to hold you when you can’t hold yourself. Heyoka, even though being a type of empath, belongs to a different branch. They belong to the culture of the Lakota people of the great plains of North America. They are considered to be the strongest kinds of empaths. Sometimes ‘sacred clown’ is the term used for them, which is an American term, meaning someone who is not normal. We don’t know a lot about such people but it is said that they are often deviant in nature.

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The main characteristic of Heyokas is that they are able to serve you exactly what you serve them. It is like a mirror effect. They know where you need to be healed the most and they aim directly at it. They will take hints from your emotional reactions and will reflect back at you in a similar way, therefore helping you grow and heal.

Heyoka is different for each person. They have different ways for helping different people. Their words, moves and reactions are opposite to the people around them. You are likely to see your own reflection in them. How you choose to see the world, and how your emotions flow will be exactly what Heyoka will represent.

Heyokas don’t have to struggle to recognize each other. They know when they see someone like them. They are emotionally connected and have similar sensitivities. There is no single set trait that can guarantee of one being a Heyoka, but there are certain characteristics that could indicate of the same. For example, being born backwards, being dyslexic, looking younger than your age etc.

One of the main traits of a Heyoka is being distracted. For example, the person who disrupts Native American ceremonies to make sure that people see the other side and think differently. They also do this in order to shift energies. Heyokas are known for using humour to help people open up so that they can begin transitioning them energetically somewhere they can gain wisdom and healing energies. It is a controversial path to discovering your inner self and can often come across as abnormal. These people don’t take themselves too seriously and they are entirely dedicated towards the natural character trait which is why they are able to alter their course as and when things go wrong. They celebrate their impermanent nature which allows them to explore the world in as many ways as possible without fearing its negative or positive outcome.

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Over the time, the working methods of Heyokas have changed and they have created a different level of shifts. This helps them better the healing process and balance the energy around them. They help people to balance things in life and keep all the negative thoughts at bay. Heyokas possess a medicine of chaos which makes them follow the ‘backward way’. According to this way, they can change people’s lives with the medicine of chaos. This energy can sometimes be overwhelming and be like disarrangements caused due to love.

Share this article with your family and friends to spread the knowledge about Heyokas. Till then Happy Healing!



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