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Get Negative Energy Out Of Your Home With These 4 Tricks

By Souls of Silver

We all have had phases in life when everything just kept falling apart like a castle of tarot cards and no matter how hard you tried to put them back in place, you just couldn’t. Life throws a lot of random stones at us. For some of them, we know the reason behind, but some of them are so meaningless and sudden that we start to get helpless. It may be because of negative energies entering your house through some medium. You can either wait for them to leave all by themselves, which is less likely to happen or you could take steps to restore your peace and harmony before they can cause much damage and return back to living a happy life with your family. So to find out how you can derive the negative energies out of your house, continue reading.

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Mentioned below are four cleansing rituals which will help you get rid of the negative energies which are making it tough for you to live your life.

Trick 1: Burning sage, frankincense and copal.

Burning sage is an age old remedy to get rid of the negative energies present in your homes. It is also considered to be one of the fastest mediums to do so. To perform this trick, you have to open the front door and windows of the house. Start from the back of the house and let the burning sage release it fumes and then blow out the flame. Go ahead and do the same thing in every room. You can also take the help of a feather fan to make sure that the fumes are reaching every corner of the room. When you’re done doing so in every room, walk out of your door and use the burning sage to do the same with your door and frame. Once all this is over, leave the sage outside to die out on its own. Thereafter, light frankincense resin and redo the entire walk.

This will ensure that the cleansing of the home is done thoroughly.

Trick 2: put salt on the corners, windows and entrances of your house

If you are moving into a new house, put salt on the corners of rooms for 48 hours and remove them later on. Make sure you throw the salt away from the house. Grinding of saffron and adding it to the salt may act beneficial as it is also said in a Tibetian tradition that evils despise the smell of saffron. After this is done prepare a mixture of 5 lemons, cup of salt and ¼ cup of vinegar in a bucket of water and use it to cleanse the windows of your house. Remember to wear gloves because this mixture is strong and can lead to skin irritation.

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Trick 3: Protection crystals

Crystals have always acted as powerful agents to collect negative energies from people and even from spaces. Placing a crystal in the corner of your room will help it absorb all the negative energies present in the room. Black tourmaline is also a great agent to calm anxiety, so holding it can also help in the removal of negative thoughts from your own body.

Trick 4: Add sound

Dark, gloomy, barren and silent houses have a higher chance of attracting negative energies. Hence, walking around your house with a bell while ringing it, or using a singing bowl can help you in preventing the negative energies from residing in your house.

Share this article with your family and friends and help them to get rid of negative energy. Till then, Happy Healing!



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