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5 Things Nobody Told You About Lightworkers

By Souls of Silver

Light Warriors or Lightworkers are a rare group of enlightened people with special insight and knowledge. They are highly intuitive people who lighten up the space around them. 

If you are a Lightworker, or one is near you, here are the things you need to know:

1. Increasing compassion and seeking meaningful connections

Your soul will find fulfillment by aiding others. Children, the elderly as well as animals will draw you more. Even social events will lose their luster. You will seek meaningful connections everywhere.

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2. Lightworkers don’t align with any specific school of thought

“Normal” won’t mean the same to you. In fact, anything that is mainstream “normal” will become burdensome to you. You will be afflicted with a sense of homelessness as you fail to find people and space where you can belong. 

However, there will also be a sense of independence. Even without a guiding philosophy or religion, you will find yourself in a deeply spiritual headspace.


3. People would want to share their troubles with you

Since Lightworkers are highly receptive, they attract a lot of people. People find it easy to trust them. As a result, they open up about their troubles and secrets.

4. Knowing things

Your emotional sensitivity will increase significantly. You will also start feeling deeply. Sometimes you may even consider words to be meaningless because you will be able to understand everything even without them. Lightworkers can even feel the emotional wavelength of others. So you will be able to understand what others may be feeling even if they don’t reveal it to you.

5. Lightworkers are not afraid of death

Once you become a Lightworker, the general notion that everything ends with death won’t be relatable to you anymore. You will realize that death implies a sort of transfer and travel into a separate realm. 

Surprisingly enough, plenty of Lightworkers have had a near-death experience.  

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The main duty of Lightworkers is to help people who are struggling in their lives. Lightworkers cultivate their spirituality constantly. They know and understand that they can only help others and not change them. Their job is to spread their inherent light and heal the world. 

Featured Image: Alex Grey



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