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Discover The Secrets Of The Cancer Zodiac Sign

By Souls of Silver

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Color: White

Day: Monday, Thursday

Ruler: Moon

Greatest Overall Compatibility: CapricornTaurus

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15

Date range: June 21 – July 22

Are you a Cancer who’s curious about your personality, or are you just someone who has a thing or two for a Cancer? Whatever it is, I’m sure reading this will enlighten you as we are going to reveal all the secrets! 


If you are a Cancer, chances are you are extremely caring and sensitive. You prioritize your home and family, and you never betray anyone. 

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cancer zodiac

On the off-side, your giving out of love can make you crave it too. This quality can make a Cancer moody, manipulative, and sometimes selfish. That is why it is extremely important for you to surround yourself with people you care about, and who care back for you.

Cancers are extremely sensitive, and they try to find partners who are as emotionally intelligent as they are. As Cancers are naturally nurturing, they sometimes might end up on a self-destructive road by investing too much on someone who is selfish and abusive.

Strengths: Imaginative, emotional, loyal, persuasive

Weaknesses: Moody, suspicious, pessimistic, manipulative

Likes: Art, relaxing near or in water, a good meal, helping people

Dislikes: Strangers, revealing of personal life

Money And Career

Cancers are great in lines that demand care and focus. Some examples of these professions are politicians, nurses, decorators, and managers. Financial security is a matter of prime importance in a Cancer’s life. 

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So, now you know what kind of person a Cancer is likely to be. If you are one, learn from the list and become your best self! 



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