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What Is The Twin Flame Symbol And What Does It Represent?

Have you ever wondered what the Twin Flame symbol is? If you have found your Twin Flame, I’m sure you are interested in finding out the symbol that represents your eternal union

The Twin Flame symbol consists of many symbols. The first sign is of infinity. It looks like the number 8, lying sideways. The symbol was first introduced by Saint Germain, and it represents the union of two souls or twin flames. 

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Twin Flames are inseparable since they represent each other’s missing half. Likewise, the symbol signifies two individuals, yet connected entities, who come together to form one symbol of energy. The two souls are meant to help each other out in their journey through this realm. 

Twin Flame Symbol: The Divine Feminine And The Divine Masculine Meet

The two entities are attracted to each other like magnets. Both journey equal distance to meet their other halves. And as they meet, their energies magnetize and power each other. 

Twin Flame symbol

Next, there’s a triangle on top of the infinity symbol. The triangle houses two individual flames inside it. The lower opposite ends of the triangle stand for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The distance goes to show that the two individuals are in different bodies. But the two flames represent the coming together of the souls. The top angle of the triangle shows that the two entities have crossed their personal obstacles and are together now. 

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The final symbol, that brings all the symbols together, is the circle. It encloses the infinity sign, triangle, and the two flames. The circle signifies the oneness of the two entities. It also represents the eternal bonding of the two souls, within this circle of life, and the next. 

As your Twin Flame comes in contact with you, you will feel the sparks of the fire that is enclosed within the triangle. The Twin Flame symbol represents the eternal energy that the two of you will offer each other. 

Create the symbol in your home, your connection with your Twin Flame will grow stronger. And if you haven’t found your Twin Flame yet, you might just end up running into them.



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