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5 Signs Of A Light Warrior: Not Everyone Can Cope With #3

By Souls of Silver

The term light warrior is used to signify the enlightened people who have a special knowledge about the planet. With the help of their keen intuitive faculties, they spread their light all around them.

If you are on the path towards becoming light warrior, then these five things are sure to happen to you:

1) You won’t be able to identify yourself with any particular school of thought.

What is ‘normal’ to others seems like a burden to yourself. No one seems to understand you and no place feels like home.

But the good thing about it is that you’d feel strangely independent. You won’t feel the need to adhere to any specific religion or philosophy, yet you’d be deeply spiritual.

2) You will grow more compassionate.

You’ll derive fulfillment by helping ones in need. Moreover you’ll feel drawn towards children, animals and old people. Social events won’t appeal to you anymore and you’d rather have a conversation with a homeless stranger than attend one.

3) You know things.

You’d grow more sensitive and start experiencing deep emotions. You’ll not need words to understand things. You can figure out what others are feeling even if they don’t tell you.

Crowded places can drain you emotionally as you tend to absorb others’ vibrations on account of your empathy. You will need time alone to rejuvenate.

4) People will share their problems with you.

On account of their receptiveness light-warriors attract people towards them. People trust them easily and you’d see that others would confide their secrets and problems to you.

5) Death will not make you afraid.

You will stop subscribing to the opinion that death is the end of everything. Instead you’ll get the feeling that death only leads to another realm of existence.
Many light warriors have been through near-death experiences like being very sick or surviving an otherwise fatal accident.

As a light warrior, your job is to help others go through this difficult time. You should always keep your mind open and try to cultivate your spirituality. Remember that it is not you responsibility to change others.

Accept what other’s choose and spread the light that resides in you. Let us know about your experiences!

This article was originally published by Soul, Travel, Rules and has been republished here by kind permission.



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