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‘You Get What You Need’: Identify The Mysterious Signs From The Universe

By Souls of Silver

Bearing the thought that not everybody is a fan of Law of Attraction, here are some thoughts why that might be the case for some of us.

When we form an attraction from our true core, the Universe is working in our favor to make it happen, and that is proof of that Law of Attraction.

Then again, the way that we use that law can be a false one. If the core that our desire is coming from is not our heart, but our ego. The Universe isn’t a magic fairy that fulfills all our wishes. That simply isn’t the way it works.

Let’s put it this way, making wish lists when we were young, with all kinds of toys, other objects, or places to go, maybe even people to be with, and so on, all sorts of things that we didn’t really need, is but a mis-usage in this idea of want-get. This is not Law of Attraction.

The idea of want-get is how we get lost in perpetual state of unhappiness with what we have, what we are, or how we live in the NOW. Constantly looking for something new, bigger, or better.

It is wiser to approach the Divine in another way, where you let it choose for you, not making wishes, or demands all the time. Let the Universe guide you, and show you the way.

Letting our ego go, and surrendering to the Universe, our unique destiny will certainly be revealed to every single one of us, and all we have to do is just listen to it. Go in that direction. Go with the flow.

The purpose, our destiny, is just a way of listening to our hear and following where the Universe takes us.

Thinking that we know better now when we are all adults, instead of when we were young, making birthday or Santa wish lists, is wrong. Now it’s about money, social status, cars, vacations… not much is changed since our childhood wishes. Only the form, but not the context.

The mere satisfaction of the new car is only for a short time… until next year there’s a new model, faster, with leather seats, and new board commands. Now we ask for new partner, since the previous one lacked the will to do our bidding, and now when new one comes, it doesn’t past long time when we try to change them. Money. Don’t even get me talking about bare greed for money.

What seems to be the case, at least in my opinion, is that perpetual asking for what we think that we should have, simply does not make us truly happy.

Why not stop asking at all. Instead, start paying attention to what the Universe is showing us, where it’s leading us.

Allow yourself to be guided, no matter wherever that is. Our destiny is attracted by what/who we truly are.

This article was originally published by Soul, Travel, Rules and has been republished here by kind permission.



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