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5th January Solar Eclipse: How The Solar Eclipse Will Affect You

By Souls of Silver

On January 5th, 2019, the New Moon will go for a partial solar eclipse at 15° Capricorn. Occurring near the bright star Vega, this solar eclipse has some special news for creative souls striving to get their masterpieces out. The January solar eclipse will also conjunct with Saturn making you serious and disciplined, though the carefree Neptune will bring some lightness during that heavy period. If your creative impulse has been stagnating in the dark, this eclipse is ready to push it back into the light.

What Does Solar Eclipse Mean?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon is passing between the Sun and the Earth. But, in astrology, solar eclipses are special. During the complete eclipse, the Moon shadows the sun completely bringing a lot of changes in our lives. In 2019, we come across a partial eclipse. The strongest aspect remains that the Sun will conjunct Moon. It brings your new plans to the front and gives you the space to implement your plans. There are other aspects in the 2019 January solar eclipse that will push you to new heights of your life. So, be ready for the ride.

The January Solar Eclipse Of 2019

On January 5th, 2019, the solar eclipse will take place at 15°25′ Capricorn between Pluto and Saturn. This mid-point of Saturn and Pluto brings a lot of seriousness in our lives. But thankfully, the Neptune sextile is geared to make our moods lighter. And then, the solar eclipse comes under the strongest influence from one of the brightest stars in the universe, Vega, the enormous fixed star in the Harp, Lyra Constellation.

Influence Of The Fixed Star Vega

The Capricorn sign present at 15°33′ is the Vega, a fixed star which shines the brightest in the northern sky. As it conjuncts with the Sun above the horizon, it is an optimistic sign, especially for the creative souls out there. Vega represents harmony, charity and poetic impulse. If you have dabbled in art or anything creative, now is the time when you will find the drive stronger to pick up your creative instrument.

Ebertin says, “Vega is supposed to give artistic talents”.

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The influence of Vega sits at the back of your right knee and from there it connects with your ego. Vega is known for its masculine pride. It will enhance your creative thoughts and fulfil your creativity through your bursting ego. This could have been perfect, but Vega comes with its bad points as well. Vega makes people very serious. It comes with the eccentric nature of all artists making them reserved, abrupt, and, as a result, unpopular. You can start pretending to be someone else and as a result – you show a different personality. Thus, it often leads to public disgrace or a lack of success in your creative ambitions, though, the harmonious influence can also help you to settle in your business or gain an annuity.

When The Solar Eclipse Is In Conjunct With Saturn

When the solar eclipse is in conjunct with Saturn, it makes life all the more serious. Vega has already pushed you into the zone of seriousness, but the cold attitude of Saturn makes it worse. The planets, however, are looking after you all the time. So, you get the worry-free Neptune coming to your rescue and lightening up the mood. Don’t let Saturn’s influence go away though. It will act as your mentor especially when you are trying to be disciplined. Successes and promotions might come in your way. Not only will you be stable, but you can also be a rock to someone else’s life. Discipline and structure come back to you. Start arranging your things in the room better just to make sure everything is in place.

When Solar Eclipse Will Sextile Neptune

The solar eclipse will sextile Neptune, accentuating the creative impulses of Vega. It will make you more sensitive to the music of the soul and nature. Your intuition will be high and you can see the world in a new way. No wonder it’s going to be a great time for musicians and artists. During this phase, you might even have dreams that will guide you to your next creative ambition. Like most artists, you will grow sensitive due to the influence of Neptune. It will make you go out of your way to care for and help someone engage in some spiritual activity. Maybe you will join some voluntary work too. Once you are going through this, you will have an enlightening growth inside.

When Saturn Will Sextile Neptune

Saturn will sextile Neptune bringing spiritual gains. You will start believing in yourself, in your capacity to do hard work, and get what you had always wanted. You know your limitations, and that is great! Because now, you can work on it too. Optimism rules over your heart. Saturn will make you disciplined to work for your dreams. As an addition, the solar eclipse will make you realize your spiritual goal. You will seek spiritual support and find it within yourself. As you devote yourself to helping others, your spiritual side will grow and you can feel it. Now, nothing can stop you from growing into a well-rounded person both spiritually and mentally. The aspect is also good for constructing your dream house.

A Summary Of How The Solar Eclipse Will Affect You

The solar eclipse on January 5th is going to happen near Vega, the bright star that brings light to all your creative expeditions. Neptune will increase your sensitivity, making you more receptive towards people, helping your grow spiritually. The conjunct is great for business too. There is always a chance that your business will fail at first, but don’t lose hope. When Vega comes on your side, it will start earning some good profits and rise like the phoenix. Financial independence is on your side. The solar eclipse occurs in the Saturn-Pluto midpoint – the ideal time to transform your serious business into something big. What are you waiting for? Even when Saturn will sextile Neptune, it will get you the required push to transform dreams into reality!

If you want to create something, do it now. The planets are backing you up. Get your masterpiece out and change the world. Put your thoughts into action. This eclipse, the world is yours to conquer.

Dates and Times

  • Los Angeles on 5th January at 5:28 pm
  • New York on 5th January at 8:28 pm
  • London on 6th January at 1:28 am
  • Delhi on 6th January at 6:58 am
  • Sydney on 6th January at 12:28 pm

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