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5 Brutal Reasons You Experience A Twin Flame Separation

By Souls of Silver

Twin flames separation is unlike a regular relationship breakdown. The moment we get separated from our twin flame it seems as if our whole world has fallen apart. The profound and exceptional love that we experience for our twin blazes makes any type of split anguishing and relatively agonizing.

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But a standout amongst the most excruciating stages in the twin fire relationship is when there is one who runs and the other who chases. After the underlying phases of euphoric association and a relationship as if in a fairy story, things begin to get a tad bit complicated. Consciences start to conflict. And soon comes in, insecurities, emotional bruises, and psychic trauma. It is as if you are fighting against yourself.

Twin flame relationship is characterized by inexplicable connection, an uncanny familiarity and it feels as if your partner is your other half and the one who completes you. So the moment you find someone like that, you start questioning if it is true, if it is not just an illusion. It is an undeniable fact that in the beginning such relationships struggle through impairment and many eventful episodes. The perfection of the relationship becomes endangered. At this juncture numerous such couples end up getting baffled and disoriented and start questioning the existence of such utopic relationship.

But the force you encountered was not an illusion of your creative energy. The feeling of recognition and a sensation that this has happened before, was certainly not a supernatural nebulous vision. It was genuine. Try not to question it. It is just covered beneath the stratums of your harmed self-images.

Here are the reasons why twin flame separation might happen:

1. Mental and unearthly puerility

There are various phases in one’s life. We grow physically and psychologically. Immaturity is one of the essential drivers of the twin flame separation. Lack of immaturity leads to low passionate insight implying that we battle to recognize, oversee and adapt to our feelings and of others as well. Also profound immaturity flourishes in extent to the unyielding quality and size of the ego. The greater the ego, the less the concordance.  Each one of us has an ego, some have a stronger ego while some have a feeble one. Ones with stronger ego are likely to run from a circumstance that belittles them. This is exactly what happens in a twin flame relationship.

2. No love for oneself

To have a mutual level of intensity in a relationship, practicing self is of primary importance. This remains true for other such relationships that involve mutual love. If there is no love for oneself then there cannot be any feelings of love for any other human being. Consequently such relationships becomes demanding. It is impossible to surrender oneself in love if he/she doesn’t feel the same for himself/herself. Most often it results in insecurity and discontentment, thus weakening the relationship.

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3. More lessons to be learnt

Before you enter a new relationship, you must establish a relationship with other aspects of life, for instance it is a good idea to meet new people, befriend them, travel, read and basically experience new things in life that drive you forward. It gives an insight into life that will also help you balance different circumstances that you will face once in a relationship. And no matter how disappointing some experiences may be, keep pushing yourself ahead to learn a new lesson each day.

4. It is important to heal

At times we encounter our twin flames when we are deeply immersed in sorrow. Sadly this is not the best time to be in a relationship because we are emotionally occupied. It is best to pause and heal before we commit ourselves to our twin flames.

5. May be there is someone better in reserves

Sometimes our twin flames might not be the one and it is here that we must accept that the journey of life still needs to continue. Thereby moving forward with the knowledge that there is something more to be experienced yet and each experience in life makes us emotionally stronger and certainly a better person.

Share this article with your friends and family and make them more aware about the concept of twin flame separation. Until then, Happy Healing!

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