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7 Indicators Which Will Help You Identify That You Have Started To Live In The 5th Dimension

By Souls of Silver

What are the implications of transitioning from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension?

Imagine the software of your phone getting a new upgrade. Having a dimensional shift has similar implications for your consciousness!

As we gear up for the transition from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, one has to travel through the 4th. The 4th dimension is like a pure realm that stands for qualities of love, oneness and lightness. This lightness of frequency gets amplified in the 5th dimension which is a purer form of the 4th, filled with pure love, cosmic consciousness and the epitome of multi-dimensional reality.

For the next 2000 years, we will be ensconced in this photon belt leading to a crucial shift in consciousness for all of humanity. This shift from the 3rd to the 5th dimension will occur to one and all on our planet where we will experience “enlightened reality”.

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With this shift, humanity will be stepping into the Aquarian age where people will work united and enjoy peace and harmony. This shift will keep occurring in a very slow pace that will make the assimilation and integration into this new light, easier.

When such a change is occurring to someone, it is easy to spot 7 signs that signify that you are shifting from the 3rd dimension to the 5th. Even though there will be several more signs that will keep occurring to you as you make the shift, these 7 signs will occur no matter what! The interesting aspect about this is that these signs can happen to anyone.

The key here is to be loving and trusting so that you can surrender to your higher self. This will help you naturally open up to the change and make the transition with ease and joy.

At the same time, it is advised to not take the shift too seriously. This is a massive play of consciousness awakenings on both an individual and collective level. Hence, it’s important to have fun while you’re at it and enjoy this spiritual adventure without sweating it too much!

The feelings of love, joy, lightness and wonder will take hold of your daily life incessantly!

As we’ve already stated, the transition into the 4th and 5th dimension is similar to getting a software upgrade where your mental faculties will start working smoothly at the speed of light, just like a computer! Rebooting via meditation, exercise and change in diet can help your body get used to the change as well.

As you’ll be entering the new realms, your body and mind will feel expansive and light. This natural lightness will aid you in greeting each moment of your life with a newfound love and profound gratitude. You’ll also experience a clear memory along with a witty and creative mind that will boost your day to day interactions!

The negativity you carry around will be easier to navigate and leave behind you

We all come into this world with our share of baggage. But as you learn to read our soul, it will be easier to let all the negativity you hold about yourself go. The feelings of smallness, incompetency, helplessness and powerlessness will no longer seem to you as threats. The path to embrace the higher frequencies of 4D and 5D is through love, laughter and light.

What could have taken you years in psychotherapy to heal will appear to go away in just a matter of time! It’s almost like the Universe takes control of your inner workings, turn up your processing systems to channelize your positivity and remove the negative remnants of your past self in an easy pace. You will experience things in a lighter manner, without the excessive burdens of things unknown!

You senses will heighten and you will experience the world in a more beautiful manner

As your senses heighten, you will be experiencing the colours all around you to be more vibrant! You will move away from the dull shades and embrace a wider spectrum of colours, which may make you feel like a “hippie”!

Colours vibrate in a more vigorous manner when you tap into your emotional sides. When you connect with people who have made the shift to 5D, you will almost cry tears of joy!

Your senses will get attuned to the music of the Universe and you will be able to hear the divine songs of creation. The sound of silence, the chants of OM and the sound of the spheres are some of the music that you will be able to tune into as you go about your everyday life and those moments would be nothing short of profound!

The concept of Time will become Fluid and it will appear to be everlasting and illusive!

Your movement from one event in your life to the other will be like that of water. You will start to suspend judgement on things and people around you, solely realising that things are being done through you rather than you doing them yourself.

You will realise that time is endless and hence the 3D view of time will seem almost juvenile to you. You will come to realise that your life will continue even beyond death and that you are an eternal being, the manifestation of which will continue to thrive for eternity in some form or another!

Things will constantly start synchronising and you will start to encounter “miraculous” experiences more often

The Universe will start taking over to constantly guide you in the right track. You will start experiencing incredible synchronicities. There will be signs all around that will guide you from one action to the other and life would feel like a magical experience where you will keep undertaking such “miraculous” journeys.

As your third eye awakens, you will be able to overcome the 3D view of life and see into 4D and 5D. You will begin to experience visual manifestations of energy portals and light in your everyday spaces. The veils between the dimensions will keep getting thinner and you will start to see more and more.

As you pay heed to your guides in the higher realms, you will realise how science and spirituality are intertwined. Everything will make more sense and you will become more aware of your surroundings and realities.

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You will slowly realise that you are being guided by a divine power more powerful than your own mind

You will start receiving guidance from other dimensions as your mind slowly learns how to slow down and listen. They can be referred to as angels, spirit guides, ancestors or simply beings from higher dimensions who are guiding you to your way home. As you learn to tune into their sound, you will realise that they are all around you, helping you all the time. These established connections will feel safe and secure as no dark energies can permeate into those levels of being, hence you can put your trust into them wholeheartedly!

You will be able to tap into the wonderful powers of your multi-dimensional body!

As it slowly becomes apparent to you that time and space is nothing but illusions, you will be able to perceive the world only in terms of energy through your consciousness. As you realise that everything is made of the same basic unit of energy, you will be able to manifest things around you only through your mind.

You will be able to keep your consciousness at 2 or more places at the same time. You will be able to put your hands or body though solid objects and you will also be able to levitate yourself above the ground. Your imagination will be your limit!

Your guides will assist you in learning the techniques of travelling through time, worlds and dimensions. You will be able to flit through the constructs of past, present and future with ease and jump into any event that you wish to experience.

We all want to experience instances where we need to tap into higher frequencies and energies for these miraculous occurrences to manifest. At the same time we also want to enjoy our time here so as to experience all these emotions and events in the best way possible. For this, it is important to tap into the unconscious silences that rest within our deepest cores. In these “unknown zones” we will find our respite when we are ready to move past our comfort zone and embrace the new!

Now that you know about 5th dimension, we hope you’ve been enlightened. Share this article with your friends and family to spread the joy.



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